3rd Fatty Acid and Ketogenesis Conference

Simon Eaton S.J.Eaton at ncl.ac.uk
Fri Jun 28 06:45:23 EST 1996

Dear All,

It is not too late to participate in the 3rd FAOx&K Conference. To 
those that have already replied, thankyou, we are finalising details 
of the conference and will be sending out an information pack within 
the next week. If you haven't yet replied, do so quickly, and 
preferablyby e-mail! 
We will try and fit you in to the programme if possible! We would especially 
welcome more posters and predoctoral talks.

3rd FAO & K Conference -  September 7th to 9th 1996
Institute of Child Health & Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS
Trust, University of London



Dr Simon Eaton (Meeting Secretary) and I would like to invite you and/or
members of your group to participate in the 3rd FAO & K Conference in

If you and/or members of your group are willing to give a talk and/or
present a poster please would you let me have a title and brief synopsis (<
250 words) of your proposed lecture, or poster and complete the enclosed
form as soon as possibl? This will allow us
to prepare and circulate a final timetable, abstracts, accommodation
bookings and information about the Meeting Dinner etc.

This year it will be necessary for us to charge a registration fee of 100
pounds sterling for senior participants and 66 pounds sterling for
postgraduate students and postdoctoral workers under the age of 27 years.
The fee will cover the cost of all refreshments and meals during the entire
Meeting (including the Conference Dinner but excluding breakfasts), hiring
the rooms, equipment and catering staff, publicity and notebooks, tourist
information and maps, badges etc. but will not cover accommodation.

As before, we shall be happy to send information on travel, hotels etc. and
organize and book accommodation of the kind required if you would like us
to do so.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and perhaps meeting you in September.

Yours sincerely

Dr Patti A. Quant
(Conference Chairman & Organizer)


Indication of Interest Form

3rd FAO & K Conference  -  September 7th  to 9th  1996
Regulation and Control of Fatty Acid Oxidation and Ketogenesis - Institute
of Child Health & Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, University of

Name:                   Title:          Student/Postdoc./Senior


W.W.W. :

Names of members of group interested in participating:

Are you interested in lecturing?                        Yes/No

If yes, please would you give a tentative title and name of speaker?

Are you interested in giving a predoctoral talk?        Yes/No

If yes, please would you give a tentative title and names of authors (in 

If you are interested in presenting a lecture (L), predoctoral talk (PT)
and/or poster (P) please indicate which session seems most appropriate:

1.      CPT I, II  etc. & carnitine carrier                     L/PT/P
2.      mHMG-CoA synthase  etc. & ketogenesis                   L/PT/P
3.      Mitochondrial ss-oxidation & ETC                         L/PT/P
4.      Peroxisomal ss-oxidation                                 L/PT/P
5.      Other (Please specify)                                  L/PT/P

Are you interested in receiving information about accommodation?

1.      Student room                                            Yes/No
2.      Bed & Breakfast                                         Yes/No
3.      * or ** Hotel                                           Yes/No
4.      *** , **** or ***** Hotel                               Yes/No

Are you intested in attending the Meeting Dinner?               Yes /No

how many? ____ vegetarian? ____


Please return form  as soon as possible) to:
Dr Patti Ann Quant
Unit of Paediatric Surgery, Institute of Child Health & Great Ormond Street
Hospital NHS Trust, University of London, 30 Guilford Street, London WC1N
1EH. Telephone: +44 (0)171 242 9789 Ext. 2136  / Fax: +44 (0)171 404 6181 /
E-mail: P.Quant at ich.ucl.ac.uk

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