CASP2 Announcement: Targets and deadlines

Tim Hubbard th at
Fri Mar 1 01:12:31 EST 1996

CASP2 Announcement: Deadline for comments; First targets available

This is an announcement for those working protein structure prediction
methods and interested in taking part in the 2nd protein structure
prediction experiment (CASP2).

The CASP2 WWW sites are at:       (USA)     (Europe)

1. 48hrs to Deadline for Comments on Draft Assessment Criteria

Draft proposals for the assessment criteria for the experiment were
announced last week.  The deadline for comments on these proposals is
Friday 1st March (48 hrs from now), after which criteria will be
finalised.  If you have comments to make we must receive them by then.
If you did not receive a mailing of the draft proposals they are
available at the above WWW sites.

2. First targets now available

The sequences of first 4 targets for prediction are now available and
details on how to submit predictions will be announced shortly.

3. Mailing lists

No further announcements about CASP2 targets will be made to
newsgroups or general mailing lists.  In order to receive information
about the experiment please register using the on-line form.
Registration forms are also available on request from
casp2 at for those without WWW access.


Tim Hubbard    Co-chair  Centre for Protein Engineering, Cambridge, UK.
Steve Bryant   Co-chair  NCBI, National Library of Medicine, USA.
John Moult          President CARB, University of Maryland, USA.
Jan T. Pedersen               CARB, University of Maryland, USA
Krzysztof Fidelis             Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA.
Richard  Judson               Sandia National Laboratory, USA.

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