38th Annual Maize Genetics Conference

Mary Polacco maryp at teosinte.agron.missouri.edu
Sun Mar 10 15:43:23 EST 1996

38th Annual Maize Genetics Conference at Pheasant Run Resort, St.Charles,
14-17 March 1996

The program for the meeting and a list of posters are now acessible on
the World Wide Web from the MaizeDB home page:
Just click on the 1996 Maize Meetings near the top of the page.

Abstracts received prior to Feb 21 remain similarly accessible;
stragglers will be posted this weekend. Abstracts are directly linked
to MaizeDB.

Thank you Bill Sheridan for providing the program and the poster
list in electronic form.

-mary polacco, PhD
Curator for MaizeDB

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