BBC TV Natural History of Human Body

KathyBarnby Kathy.Barnby at
Tue Mar 19 18:44:59 EST 1996

BBC Needs Help With Natural History of Human Body

The BBC are making a series of programmes about the Human Body. 
They will illustrate what science can currently tell us about how 
the human body works and how it evolved. If you have research 
that you think would help us to visualise human biological 
processes in a new and enlightening way, 
please contact me at kathy.barnby at
*+44.181.752.6210 and fax +44.181.752 6810 in London.

I would love to see examples of images created by new 
technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, 
computer analysis of X-ray and PET scans. Also film or video 
images, no matter how old, which show the processes of our 
bodies. We want to illustrate human life from conception, 
through foetal development, into babyhood, childhood, before and 
after puberty, the ageing process, death and beyond. Examples of 
the moments we might capture on film are: 

1 The entry of the sperm into the egg immediately changing the 
egg's surface to prevent another penetration.      
2 The creeping exit of a lymphocyte cell through a blood vessel 
3 MRI or PET scan images that compare cognitive processes, such 
as the difference in the way a professional musician and a non 
expert listen to music.   

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