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              Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 1997

We are pleased to invite you to submit full papers, abstracts or computer
demonstrations in the context of the following PSB'97 Track:


A growing number of ambitious sequencing projects are in progress, and
there is an increasing need for integration and analysis of these huge
amounts of sequence data. The central question that remains is: how to leap
from pure sequence information to useful biological knowledge?

There are many theoretical, mathematical and computational approaches
useful in this enterprise. Examples of these are statistics, artificial
intelligence, linguistics and information theory. A common goal is to
identify functional units in the sequences, looking for characteristic
patterns and regularities found in a set of examples. Some of the
identified units also maintain complex  relationships among themselves,
allowing to explain regulatory phenomena. As some complete genomic
sequences become available, there are new opportunities for comparative
analyses involving global questions dealing with complete genomes. A new
type of sequence analysis foucsing on higher order sequence patterns is

This session will address the different theoretical and computational
approaches aimed to extract biological information from DNA sequences.

This includes but is not limited to:

   * Statistical analysis of DNA sequences
   * Analysis of codon usage and compositional patterns
   * Gene identification and localization
   * Definition and recognition of regulatory signals
   * Characterization of complex functional patterns
   * Knowledge extraction from sequence databases
   * Comparative genome analysis
   * New tools for automated analysis
   * Cross validation of existing tools


The submission of contributions for oral presentations, poster
communications and live computer demonstrations are encouraged. PSB '97
will publish peer-reviewed full papers in an archival proceedings. Only the
authors of peer-reviewed full papers are eligible for giving oral
presentations at the meeting. Each accepted paper will be allocated 12
pages in the proceedings volume. Authors who do not wish to submit a full
paper are welcome to submit a two-page abstract, which will be distributed
at the meeting separately from the archival proceedings. Authors are also
welcome to display posters and give live computer demonstrations. Five
copies of full papers must be submitted to the central PSB address:

    c/o Section on Medical Informatics
    Stanford University Medical School, MSOB X215
    Stanford, CA 94305-5479  USA

Please contact the track co-chairs regarding the format requirements for
full-papers and abstracts in advance, at the e- mail address:
psb97 at


Full-Paper submission due: July 1, 1996
Notification of full paper acceptance: September 9, 1996
Abstract submission deadline: September 9, 1996
Final paper due: September 30, 1996

Track Chairs

J. Collado-Vides
Centro de Investigacion sobre la Fijacion de Nitrogeno,
UNAM Cuernavaca, A.P. 565-A, Morelos, Mexico
Fax: (527)317-55-81
E-mail: collado at

F. M. De La Vega
Depto. de Genetica y Biologia Molecular,
CINVESTAV-IPN, A.P. 14-740, Mexico D.F.
07000, Mexico.
E-mail: FVega at

D. Thieffry
DBM-ULB, Rhode-Saint-Genese, Belgium
Current address:
Centro de Investigacion sobre la Fijacion de Nitrogeno,
UNAM Cuernavaca, A.P. 565-A, Morelos, Mexico
Fax: (527)317-55-81
E-mail: denis at

NOTE: The preferred means of contact with the track co-chairs for any
subject refering the track, is the E-mail address: psb97 at

General information about the PSB-97

The Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB-97) is an international,
multidisciplinary conference for the presentation and discussion of current
research in the theory and application of computational methods in problems
of biological significance. Papers and presentations are rigorously peer
reviewed and are published in an archival proceedings volume.

PSB-97, which will be held January 6-9, 1997 in Hawaii at the Ritz Carlton
Kapalua on Maui, will be organized into sessions focusing the meeting on
rapidly advancing areas of research.

For more information, visit the PSB WWW Home Page at:


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