CpGIsle 4.0

Rodrigo Lopez rodrigo.lopez at biotek.uio.no
Thu Mar 21 22:14:06 EST 1996

CPGISLE RELEASE 4.0 is ready!

                     Human CpG-island database 4.0

                          Lopez R., Prydz H.

                   The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo
                          University of Oslo
                 Gaustadalleen 21, 0317 Oslo, Norway

                 Tel: +47-22958754, Fax: +47-22694130
    e-mail: hans.prydz at biotek.uio.no, rodrigo.lopez at biotek.uio.no

       Reference:  Larsen F., Gundersen, G., Lopez R., Prydz H.
            CpG island as Gene Markers in the Human Genome
                    Genomics  13:1095-1107 (1992)


This release contains 950 genes and 99 pseudogenes described in release 45
of the EMBL nucleotide sequence database. We have
assigned the genes transcribed by RNA polymerase II to two groups
on the basis of expression. The first group (widespread) consists
of housekeeping genes and genes expressed in a wide range of
tissues, and the second group (limited) consists of genes with
limited or tissue-specific expression.

Expression of gene      Number          Number associated
                                        with islands

Widespread              217             216 (99%)

Limited                 719             261 (36%)

All RNA pol.II genes    936             477 (50%)

RNA-pol.I+III genes      14              14 (100%)

Pseudogenes              99              22 (22%)


WWW URL:    http://www.no.embnet.org/
FTP         ftp://ftp.no.embnet.org/cpgisle

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