The 24th Aharon Katzir-Katchalsky Conference

Michal Harel harel at
Thu Mar 21 22:20:43 EST 1996

                      November 17-22, 1996
                  Jerusalem Hyatt Regency, Israel

                         Celebrating the
             25th Anniversary of the Protein Data Bank
                  10th Anniversary of SwissProt

The meeting will focus on the relationship of sequence, structure,
function, and databases. Sessions will include talks, poster
presentations and computer demonstrations with access to the Internet.

           Under the auspices of:
               Protein Data Bank 
               Brookhaven National Laboratory
               University of Geneva
               Israel Academy of Science and Humanities
               The Weizmann Institute of Science

Organizing  committee: Enrique E. Abola, USA, Amos Bairoch, Switzerland,
Manuel Peitsch, Switzerland, Joel L. Sussman, Israel/USA

Local organizing  committee: Marvin Edelman, Michal Harel, Michael Levitt,
Uriel Z. Littauer, Jaime Prilusky, Joel L. Sussman

S C I E N T I F I C    P R O G R A M :

   Proteins                               Sequence Analysis
   Nucleic Acids                          Profiles and Patterns
   Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions      Molecular Evolution
   Folding                                Algorithm Development
   Classification                         Sequence to function
   3-D Patterns                           Gene Organization
   Knowledge-based Modeling               3-D Structure Databases
   Threading                              Protein/Nucleotide Sequence Databases
   3-D Profiles                           Genomic Databases
   Protein Engineering                    Federation and Integration
   Molecular Recognition                  Database Queries
   Structure-based Drug Design
   Molecular Graphics

Speakers Include:

Enrique Abola (USA)                      Michael Levitt (USA)        
Amos Bairoch (Switzerland)               Manuel Peitsch (Switzerland)
Tom Blundell (UK)                        Jaime Prilusky (Israel)
Peer Bork (Germany)                      Jane Richardson (USA)    
Cyrus Chothia (UK)                       Chris Sander (Germany/UK)
David Eisenberg (USA)                    Manfred Sippl (Austria)
Ken Fasman (USA)                         William Studier (USA)       
Leroy Hood (USA)                         Joel L. Sussman (Israel/USA)
Graham Cameron (UK)                      Tomitake Tsukihara (Japan)
Ephraim Katchalski-Katzir (Israel)       Keith D. Watenpaugh (USA)
John Kendrew (UK)                        Keith Wilson (UK/Germany)
                                         Ada Yonath (Israel)

Selected poster abstracts will be considered for an oral presentation.

DEADLINE for registration and poster abstract submission: JUNE 15, 1996.

REGISTRATION FEES (not including accommodation):
Before September 1, 1996   US$ 350                           
After  September 1, 1996   US$ 450
Students                   US$  50

For registration and information contact:
email: pdb25sw10 at

Meeting secretary:
Ruth Goldstein - Katzir Center; fax: 972-8-9474425; tel.:972-8-9342148.

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