PMDG Meeting Announcement

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Fri Mar 22 23:59:32 EST 1996

                   The Protein Modelling Discussion Group

        Protein Modelling, Protein Modelling, and Drug Design

        2nd Meeting (PMDG-2) will held on

                May 23rd 1996

                Glaxo Wellcome Medicines Research Centre, 
                Gunnels Wood Road, 
                SG12 ODP

        The provisional programme include speakers Rob Russell (ICRF), John
Overington (Pfizer), Russell Viner (Zeneca), David Osguthorpe (Bath), and David
Parry-Smith (Pfizer) and will cover modelling, genomics, and protein structure.

        Attendence is Free and open to all. Numbers are limited, so please
register promptly. 

        If you are interested in attending PMDG-2, please contact either 
Mansoor Saqi (mass15599 at, John Overington (overingtonj at, 
or Darren Flower (Darren.Flower at

What is the PMDG ?

        Protein Modelling and Protein BioInformatics is an increasingly
important discipline within the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotechnology
industries, as well as an important area of academic research and commercial
software development. While other areas of molecular modelling, QSAR, and
protein structure determination have their own specialist discussion groups,
this fascinating but demanding area has had no dedicated forum for workers in
the field to meet and discuss the subject. In order to remedy this imbalance, a
discussion group has been established which will focus on protein sequence
analysis, protein modelling, and structure-based design. The Protein Modelling
Discussion Group, or PMDG for short, has been set up by two industrial
scientists: Darren Flower at Astra Charnwood and John Overington at Pfizer
Central Research.

        The group's areas of interest include:

        o       protein sequence analysis

        o       modelling by homology

        o       structure based design

        o       protein structure analysis

        o       structure prediction, inverse folding, and modelling by analogy

        o       software review and feedback

The PMDG should provide an opportunity to discuss general methodology, new
approaches to old problems, experience with software, and to present case
studies. The group will aim to draw its membership primarily from industry and
academia in the UK and be aimed at molecular modellers, bioinformatics
scientists, and methods developers; thus it will hopefully prove a useful
interdisciplinary forum.

Inaugural Meeting: PMDG-1

        The first meeting of the Protein Modelling Discussion Group (PMDG) was
held at Astra Charnwood in Loughborough on October 18 1995. The meeting was
attended by around 40 research scientists from UK industry and academia. The
meeting was hosted by Darren Flower (Astra Charnwood).
        A number of distinguished speakers gave talks reflecting the growing
importance of protein modelling, protein sequence analysis, and structure-based
design; these included Dr Terri Attwood (UCL), Dr Frank Blaney (SKB), Dr
Mansoor Saqi (Glaxo-Wellcome), Dr Alan Mills (Birkbeck), and Dr Peter
Murray-Rust (Glaxo Wellcome).
        The meeting was marked by lively and stimulating debate. It concluded
with an open discussion on the future of the group: the PMDG was supported
enthusiastically and the next meeting was eagerly anticipated.
        Read the meeting report on the PMDG web page:

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