Elementary Teachers! Summer Science Opportunity

Kristin Adomeit kadomeit at u.washington.edu
Fri Mar 29 22:51:16 EST 1996


The University of Washington has received funding to work with Washington
State elementary school teachers to improve the quality of science
education at the building, district and ESD levels.  This project seeks
teams of 4 from a building, district, or ESD who will work alongside UW
scientists and learn first-hand how to create science activities that are:
minds-on, build on students' previous knowledge, and develop from the
natural curiousity of the learner about his/her surroundings.

ALL YOU NEED is a team of 4 teachers who are committed to working together
	- Developing high quality science activities
	- Exploring strategies to integrate science with other disciplines
	- Building a network of elementary teachers and scientists

BENEFITS for each T.A.S.K. team member:
	- Receive a $500 stipend
	- Earn college credit or clock hours (for a nominal fee)
	- Experience scientific exploration first-hand alongside
	University of Washington scientists during 2 field trips to
	Bowman Bay at Deception Pass
	- Increase your understanding of the local and national science
	standards and how they can be implemented most effectively
	in your classroom
	- Receive an allowance for the purchase of classroom materials
	- Build your leadership skills as you prepare to share your
	learnings with colleagues at the building, district or ESD

Other important information:
	- Your district or ESD will be required to fund all participants
	for one release day in the winter of 1997.  A letter of
	confirmation from your principal or other district
	administrator is required with the application
	- Teams must have a place to work on July 26 & 29.  Ideally,
	computer work stations would be available
	- Teams which are not close in proximity to the University of
	Washington will need to arrange and cover your own travel, room
	and board during the summer institute July 22-August 2 from
	9:00-3:00 daily at the UW
	- Teams must complete an application to be considered for
	selection.  Applications (see below) must be postmarked by April
	22, 1996

Project Staff:
	- Dr. Carole Kubota, Principle Investigator
		Research Associate Professor, College of Education,
		University of Washington
	- Sally Luttrell-Montes, Project Director
	- Scientists from various disciplines from the University of

Questions can be directed to Sally Luttrell-Montes at (206) 527-2669 or
email at sallylm at u.washington.edu

Funding is provided by the Eisenhower Professional Development Program
through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

++++++++++++++++++++++  T.A.S.K. Application  ++++++++++++++++++++++

School District or Educational Service District:
Team Contact Name:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
email address:

Teacher Team:
	Name			School/Grade(s)		Phone	District

Please answer the following:

A.  What is the status of the current science program in your building,
district or ESD?

B.  How can your current science program be improved?

C. How will the team share their learnings with others in their building,
district, or ESD?

D.  If chosen to participate, is there a place where the team members can
meet on July 26th and 29th with access to computer work stations?
	yes	no

E.  Attach a letter from each respective team teachers' principal or other
district administrator to indicate that they will release teachers for one
day this spring and one day during the winter of 1997.  The T.A.S.K. grant
will pay for the substitute on May 21, 1996.  The district or ESD must pay
for the substitute in winter, 1997.

Applications should be mailed or FAXed to:

Sally Luttrell-Montes
TASK Project Manager
122 Miller Hall, Box 353600
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195-3600

FAX: (206) 543-8439

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