The Infobiogen blast server

Claude Discala discala at
Wed Nov 13 22:00:12 EST 1996

INFOBIOGEN, the French national centre for Bioinformatics, created 
at Villefuif on January 1995 with support from the Ministère de 
l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (French National Research Agency)
and the AFM (French Association against Muscular Distrophy) has offered
some times ago a new service, a E-mail blast server.

It is now possible to perform blast searchs against genbank and embl
daily update files ( not the cumulatives ones).
In addition with the use of the "cyclic" option it provides the ability
to automatically compare your sequences against the new released 
genbank or embl sequences.

For the genbank updates : datalib = gbtoday
For the embl updates    : datalib = ebtoday

For more information, send a mail to 
	blast at

with "help" as subject.

Claude Discala


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