ANNOUNCE & CALL: 6th Perspectives on Protein Engineering conference

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6th International Perspectives on Protein Engineering Conference

29th June - 1st July 1997 John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK

World Wide Web Programme address:

Bioinformatics - Microorganism Genomes - Design & Evolution - Plant
Protein Engineering - Applied Biocatalysis


This conference is now an annual, international-level event with its
roots in the UK LINK Initiative. These Protein Engineering Conferences
have become well-established. The last meeting was held in
Montpellier, France in March this year.Several novel aspects have been
The Programme and all the abstracts will be posted on the World Wide
Web (address above)
Net Access and E-mail is available to delegates during the meeting.
Deadline for lecture and short communication abstracts: 31 December
1997. Poster abstract deadline: 30 March 1997
A company contact service is set up (and advertised on WWW). Companies
can describe their general interests and delegates can pre-arrange a
meeting with company delegates at the conference (or indeed contact
them directly).

                    PROGRAMME SO FAR


Keynote address
Microbial Genomes: Clare Fraser (Exec. VP, The Institute for Genomic
Research, USA)
Arabidopsis genome: Mike Bevan (John Innes Centre, UK)
SWISS-PROT Protein sequence database now & tomorrow (Amos Bairoch,
Geneva, Switzerland).

Antibody and antigen production using plants:
Fabs in plants (Udo Conrad, Gatersleben, Germany)
Combinatorial Peptides for pest resistance (Jose Marcos CEBAS, CSIC,
Antibody fragment production in a crop plant (Unilever, UK)

Plant protein engineering session

	beta-glucanases	          Fincher (Adelaide)
	Dioxygenases	          Schofield (Oxford)
	Amylases	          Svensson (Copenhagen)
	Papaya Proteinases      Pickersgill (Reading)
	Fatty Acid synthetases  Rafferty (Sheffield)
	Lipoxygenases	          Boyington (John Hopkins)
	Fatty acid desaturases  Shanklin (Brooklin)
	Lipid binding proteins     Marion (Nantes)
	Defensins	          Broekaert (Leuven)
	7S/11S globulins	          Lawrence (Parkeville)

Poster Sessions and workshops, First meeting of the EU Structural
Biology Industry Platform. 

Standard Registration (includes buffet luncheons) 260 pounds (US$433)
Graduate Student Concession:  175 pounds (US$291)
Bed and Breakfast (good ensuite) 32 pounds (US$54)

POPE6 Secretariat, BIODIGM Ltd., 64, Langdale Grove, Bingham, NG13
Tel/Fax: 01949 876 156 Email: biodigm at

POPE '97 Secretariat c/o BIODIGM, Bingham, UK
Fax +44 1949 876 156 Web:

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