map display applet

Andrei Grigoriev andy at rag3.RZ-Berlin.MPG.DE
Tue Nov 19 18:45:29 EST 1996

DerBrowser is a Java applet designed to display genomic maps and
serve as an interactive WWW interface to databases containing
positional data on mapped objects.

The database part is optional :) you can publish your own map on
the Web using a simple ascii file containing the required data.

For more information and examples, go to

The Integrated X chromosome database (IXDB) at MPIMG is currently 
using DerBrowser for displaying YAC and marker maps of the human 
X chromosome. You can try it at

You'll need a Java-enabled browser, as well as some initial patience 
to load the applet code.

Andrei Grigoriev
Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics,
Berlin-Dahlem, Germany
andy at

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