Oct 1 release of ACEDB 4.3 format of MaizeDB

Mary Polacco maryp at teosinte.agron.missouri.edu
Thu Oct 3 21:38:32 EST 1996

>From Missouri, release of the Oct 1 ACEDB snapshot of the data in the MaizeDB
-- a Sybase database which has a dynamic WWW gateway at


The ACEDB snapshot is the data supplied to the National Agricultural
Libary (NAL) where all the plant genome databases may be queried on the


New data include:
 Reference linking to database objects and new references
 Colleague address updates
 Bins map location updates, importantly all the 1995 BNL map locations 
  have now been added to the integrated or comprehensive bins maps.Previously,
  only 454 of the 1614 loci were 'binned'
 New probes(clones, EST cDNA's) available from the UMC RFLP laboratory
 SSR primers
 Links to GenBank, SwissProt and Plant Viruses Online
 BNL 96 framework maps
 Images of selected pests, pathogens and traits

The Oct 1 release is accessible from the NAL ftp server at

MaizeDB Staff

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