Neurosciences on the Internet: Updated URLs

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Mon Oct 7 00:14:45 EST 1996

***Neurosciences on the Internet: Updated URLs***

Neurosciences on the Internet is an up-to-date and comprehensive index of
Internet neuroscience resources that also publishes original material in
all areas of the neurosciences.

The URL of Neurosciences on the Internet is:


Many links to this site have used an older URL: <URL:>.
Please note that this old URL does not work any more. Please change any
references on your pages to <URL:>.

Mirror sites of these pages and their CGI scripts, provided by the
laboratory of Kim Kaiser at Glasgow University and the Flybrain project,
are located at:


Neurosciences on the Internet is a freely accessible, non-commercial site
(despite the ".com" in the URL of the US mirror site).

Neurosciences on the Internet is edited and maintained by Neil A. Busis,
M.D. Please address comments or suggestions to nab at

Neil A. Busis, M.D.          Neurosciences on the Internet
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