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Science's Next Wave, a Web site published by American Association for
the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Science magazine, will be
presenting a forum on the changing scientific landscape in Asia.=20

This forum is part of our Going Public series that addresses scientific
trends and issues of general interest to the scientific community. The
Asia forum features six prominent scientists and scientific
administrators from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and China, who will
discuss the reform of scientific education, the changing scientific job
market in Asia, stimulating scientific innovation, and cultural barriers
to innovation, among other topics. The forum be accessible starting on
Friday, October 4th.

Featured participants in the forum include:=20

-- Otto C.C. Lin, and C. C. Hang, engineering faculty from the National
University of Singapore
-- Chia-Wei Woo, president of the Hong Kong University of Science and
-- Hiroo Imura, president of Kyoto University
-- Zhangliang Chen, vice president of Beijing University and director of
a national genetic engineering laboratory
-- Chunli Bai, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a
scanning tunneling microscopy expert

Related to the forum, we will also be introducing a new group of young
scientists as correspondents for Science=92s Next Wave, who will discuss
their personal experiences as research scientists in Asia and offer
advice for making the most of research opportunities in Asia.

These scientists-correspondents for Asia include an intern in the MIT
Japan Program, former participants in the NSF Summer Institutes in Korea
and Japan, and a North American scientist currently working for a
prominent Japanese pharmaceutical company. Science's Next Wave will also
be providing links to related web sites for scientists interested in
exploring training and funding opportunities in Asia.

We strongly encourage you to tell your peers and colleagues about the
current Asia features on the Next Wave site. Both the Asia forum and the
related correspondent reports from young scientists will be accessible
starting on Friday, October 4th. You are encouraged to direct your
comments and career questions to the forum participants and
correspondents via the Web site over the next two months.

The URL for the Next Wave homepage is         =20

If you would not like to receive e-mail notices about future Next Wave
features which discuss alternative careers for scientists, please let us

The Editors of
Science's Next Wave

Wendy Yee
Associate Editor
Science's Next Wave
wyee at aaas.org

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