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Annual International Forum for
Designated by the United Nations as an Honorary "Peace Messenger"
Under the patronage of the Chairman of the 37th Bulgarian Parliament
akad Blagovest Sendov

October 23-24, 1996
Gorna Orjahovitza City, Bulgaria.

Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to participate in "A Bell for Life on
Earth", the second annual International Forum of the World Movement
Ecoforum For Peace held in Gorna Orjahovitza City, Bulgaria on October
23-24.  This forum, first held last year to commemorate the 50th
anniversary of the United Nations, brings distinguished scientists,
representatives of national and international organizations and others
interested in international ecological issues from around the world to
discuss new ways of understanding and improving our world's natural

The main theme of the Forum this year will be "Stable Development and
Industrial Ecology".   Accompanying round table discussions will include
topics on "Ecology and the Universe", "Ecology and Culture", "Ecology
and Health" and "Religion, Nature and Peace".   We will also be
celebrating the tenth anniversary of the foundation of Ecoforum For Peace
and will be establishing the Association of Towns-Honorable
Members of Ecoforum For Peace.

This forum is sponsored by the Chairman of the 37th Bulgarian Parliament,   
akad Blagovest Sendov, in cooperation with  the United Nations
Development Programme.  Many scientists and  key members of international 
organizations, including the honorable Secretary-General Mr. Boutros
Boutros Ghali, have been invited to attend.

In addition to participation, we are also accepting papers or speeches
on related topics for discussion. For application and confirmation for
participation  please contact:

Ecoforum For Peace
15  D. Nestorov st.
Sofia - 1431
Tel: +3592 59 61 23
Fax: +3592 59 91 26

Anna Pecheva
webam at

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