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                           FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT

This is the first announcement of an international course in
statistical methods of QTL detection and marker-assisted
selection.  The course will cover all important methods in QTL
detection and estimation for plants, animals, and humans.  It
will also describe methods for marker-assisted selection for both
plants and animals.  The main emphasis will be on theory,
genotyping methods will be considered only briefly.

When:  August 24 to September 4, 1997 (This is tentative, we
might move it up a week by popular demand).

Where:  Jerusalem, Israel, The Mitzpa Rachel Convention Center,
located on the southern outskirts of Jerusalem.  The view is

Instructors:   Joel I. Weller, ARO, The Volcani Center
               Morris Soller, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
               Abraham Korol, Haifa University

Language of Instruction:  English (or a reasonable facsimile)

Cost:  (If you have to ask, you can't afford it) Price including
complete room and board, and a weekend tour of the Galilee will
be about $1700 for single occupancy, and $1300 for double
occupancy.  These prices are NOT final and are subject to change. 

I hope to be able to offer about ten scholarships for graduate
students and nontenured postdocs (If I can get some funding). 
The scholarships will be for half of the double occupancy costs. 
Again, more information on this will follow:
Acceptance:  The course will be limited to 40 participants.  It
will be assumed that the participants have a good general
knowledge of quantitative genetics, basic statistics, matrix
algebra, and mixed model methodology.  They must also have a
"sound background in biology" for example, they must know how
many legs a cow has, and what sound a chicken makes.  Unless I
find that the response in overwhelming, acceptance will be on a
first-come, first-serve basis.

Syllabus:  The tentative course outline is given below.  This
will definitely change.

Correspondence:  Please conduct all correspondence directly with
me, by either E-mail, FAX, or snail mail, as convenient.  My
addresses are given below.  I should be able to send out more
detailed information within the next two months to all interested
parties.  Meanwhile I would appreciate a response from all
individuals seriously considering attending.  I hope to set up
a homepage for this course soon.

Joel Ira Weller                              *   /^^\ || /^^\  *
Institute of Animal Sciences              *     /^^^^\||/^^^^\    *
A. R. O., The Volcani Center            *      //^^^/^\/^\^^^\\     *
P. O. Box 6                            *      /    | |  | |    \     *
Bet Dagan 50250                       *           88 |  | 88          *
ISRAEL                                *             /   |             *
                                       *           /    |            *
E-mail:  weller at          *        /     |          *
Phone :  972-8-470583/143                   *    |       \       *
Fax   :  972-8-475075                          * |        \   *

                        ABBREVIATED COURSE OUTLINE

I.  Genetic markers and quantitative trait loci, basic concepts

     A.  Historical overview.
     B.  The "usual" assumptions.
     C.  Experimental designs to detect QTL, generation of
          linkage disequilibrium.

II.  Statistical methods

     A.  Problems in QTL analysis.
     B.  Analysis objectives.
     C.  Estimation of QTL effects with fixed linear models.
     D.  Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE).
     E.  Other parameter estimation methods.

III.  Estimation and maximization of statistical power

     A.  Estimation of required experiment size for anova
     B.  Methods to increase power per individual genotyped.
     C.  Number of markers vs. number of individuals.
     D.  The problem of multiple comparisons.

IV.  Marker-assisted selection (MAS)

     A.  Advantages and disadvantages of traditional breeding.
     B.  Possible contributions of MAS to within-breed selection.
     C.  Problems with application of MAS.
     D.  Expected gains with application of MAS.

Deborah Weisman
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Faculty of Agriculture
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