EVENT: World Conservation Congress

Toby Roberts toby at troberts.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 10 17:52:13 EST 1996

Caring for the Earth will be the theme of the IUCN World Conservation
Congress at the Montreal Convention Centre, 12-23 October1996.  Over 2,000
participants from 130 countries will come together to discuss the long-term
survival of the planet and its inhabitants. This strategic gathering will
strengthen partnerships and cooperation worldwide to strike a balance
between conservation and development.

Open participation is possible via the WCC web site http://iucn.org/wcc/

There a daily newsletter, information on agendas, personalities and
workshops.  As well as mailing lists (short and long term) and the
opportunity to pose questions to such luminaries as E. O. Wilson (he of the
Rio Conference, 1991), and others.

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