New version of HyperCLDB available (September 1996)

Paolo Romano paolo at
Wed Oct 16 14:55:14 EST 1996

Dear bionetters

this is to announce you that a new version of HyperCLDB has been
set up and is available at the following URL:

HyperCLDB is the hypertext version of the Cell Line Data Base,
devoted to information on availability of human and animal cell
lines within European collections and laboratories.

It currently includes the description of more than 3100 lines, 
availability of which is granted at the listed laboratories.

The new version of HyperCLDB includes the following enhancements:

- links to the OnLine Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) records, 
  for a deeper knowledge of pathologies, both from the pathologies
  list and from the description of each cell line referring to a
  specific pathology,

- set up of direct links to the URL-minder system, to allow for
  registration of single pages at their remind archive (users are 
  informed by email of any occurred changes in registered pages),

- displaying of the total number of occurrences of each term/value
  in controlled vocabularies/indexes,

- revised search engine at the following URL:

- updated graphic outline based on HTML tables, that makes browsing
  faster and appearence clearer, and splitting of the biggest files to 
  allow for their faster retrieving.

See you soon on HyperCLDB! Paolo Romano
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