Free Spell-Check Dictionaries for Life Science

Shuji KANEKO skaneko at
Sat Oct 19 14:27:19 EST 1996

The Life Science Dictionary (Lsd) Project, Japan has released a series 
of spell-check dictionaries (LsdSpell) for life scientists as freewares.

The following dictionaries are available at our Web site:

Apple Macintosh
      LsdSpell, a supplement to Microsoft Word
      LsdSpell, a supplement to Claris Works / MacWrite II
      LsdSpell, a supplement to Excalibur (free spell-checker)
      LsdSpell TEXT resource
Microsoft Windows
      LsdSpell, a supplement to Microsoft Word

LsdSpell contains thousands of life science words which are frequently-
used in life science papers (but not included in standard spell dictionary).
Sample records are...glia, retrovirus, taxol, vasodilation, superoxide, 
trypsin, ACh, ApoE, etc. The selection of words was done according to 
the frequency of keyword in MEDLINE, BIOSIS, and Current Contents databases. 
Shuji Kaneko, Ph.D. & the Lsd Project
Department of Pharmacology
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kyoto University, Kyoto, 606-01, Japan

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