Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Plant Pest Regulations

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Fri Oct 25 13:18:00 EST 1996

Topic:  ANPR - USDA Federal Plant Pest Regulations.

As previously announced, USDA/APHIS/PPQ recently published an Advanced
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) on several issues pertaining to our
current regulations on the importation and interstate movement of plant
pests in the United States.  You may obtain a copy of the Federal
Register document (Sept. 27, 1996; 61(189):50767-70) by visiting our web
site at

The purpose of the ANPR is to generate public input to USDA for
consideration in future regulatory decisions dealing with plant pests
(and indirectly with biological control agents, pollinators, etc.).  To
help generate informed input to the ANPR we recently established a
HyperNews site on the WWW to stimulate informal discussion.  The
discussion site can be accessed from PPQ/BATS' website identified above
or by going to:

To fully participate in the HyperNews discussion, individuals are
encouraged to subscribe to the group.  Also as explained in the
introduction to the site, all discussions on the site are considered
informal and will not be part of the final "Public Record" for the
ANPR.  Procedures for providing formal written and oral input are
described in the ANPR.  We hope that the HyperNews discussion will
create a better understanding of the issues so that more informed input
to the formal process will be obtained. 

Please distribute this information to all individuals and groups that
may have an interest in or be affected by current and future USDA
regulations dealing with the importation, interstate shipment, and
environmental release of living plant pests in the United States.

Robert V. Flanders, Ph.D.
bflanders at

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