SF Bay Meeting: Ballast Water Exchange and the National Invasive Species Act

Patrick J. Goss pgoss at herbert.com
Fri Oct 25 13:19:18 EST 1996

Ballast Water Exchange and the National Invasive Species Act, a
discussion by a panel of experts.

The majority of the living "biomass" in San Francisco Bay is composed
of introduced non-native organisms.  The Asian River Clam, which was
not seen here prior to 1986, is now the most abundant organism in our
Bay .  We have all heard about the Zebra Mussel problems in the Great
Lakes.  Mussels, crabs, fish and other marine organisms, as well as
nuisance vegetation, and possibly human pathogens, are routinely
introduced into bays, harbors, and rivers all over the world.  The
primary means of transporting these organisms is by ballast water
aboard ships.  The recently enacted National Invasive Species Act, as
well as IMO Resolution 774, recommend the use of ship ballast water
management plans and ballast water exchange practices to minimize
these species introductions.  The panel members and their general
discussion topics include:

Dr. James Carlton (Williams College and UC Bodega Marine Laboratory) -
An introduction to the ecological impacts of non-indigenous species
and ballast water management.

Allegra Cangelosi (Northeast Midwest Institute and aid to Senator John
Glen)  - Policy Initiatives, the National Invasive Species Act and the
current IMO Recommendations.

CMDR Richard Gaudiosi (U.S. Coast Guard) - Ballast Water Management,
the role of the United States Coast Guard.

Frederick Gorell (Pacific Maritime Shipping Association) -
Ramifications for the Shipping Community

This meeting is being held in the evening during the 2nd week of Nov.
It is sponsored by the local section of the Society of Naval
Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME).  Location for the cocktail
hour, dinner and panel discussion is TBD, most likely in the East Bay.

For futher information, please contact Patrick Goss at
pgoss at herbert.com or call (415) 296-9700

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