ProAnWin - Protein Analyst for Windows available at IUBio archive

Alexy Eroshkin eroshkin at
Wed Oct 30 19:00:45 EST 1996

Our recent program ProAnWin, Protein Analyst for Windows,
is now available at, in directory
/molbio/ibmpc/ as paw.exe.
Access to iubio by ftp, http, and gopher methods are supported.

ProAnWin is an application for multiple protein sequence alignment
(automatic and manual), comparative sequence analysis, studying
protein structure-activity (genotype - phenotype) relationships
and designing site-directed mutagenesis (there is 3D viewer).

The program does:
input of sequences from several formats (SWISS-PROT, PIR, FASTA, GCG,
CLUSTAL) and 3D structure in PDB format; flexible multiple protein
sequences alignment and threading sequences into known 3D structure
(ClustalV + manual alignment); input of user-defined protein
activities, properties or related phenotypes (with possibility to
transform activity: log(x), 1/x, etc.); calculation of many
characteristics (hydrophobicity, amphipathicity, etc.) of linear and
spatial protein sites; fast multiple (up to eight independent
factors) linear regression analysis of structure-activity
relationships; activity prediction for untested or mutated proteins;
data visualization (regression plots, 3D pictures with sites
highlighted, multiple alignments); displaying found sites on
sequences and 3D structure. The program has two main related windows
- with protein sequences and with 3D structure; any site highlighted
in sequences is highlighted in 3D structure and vise versa.

The program can be applied to analysis of various protein-related
biological data, to prediction of activity (phenotype) of newly
sequenced proteins and to simulation of protein-engineering

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