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Following is information concerning a new listserve for those intersted in 
ecotoxicology and risk assessment.  


--------------------ECOTOXICOLOGY-L INFORMATION FILE--------------------- 


ECOTOXICOLOGY-L  provides an  open  forum for  the  discussion of  issues
pertaining  to  ecotoxicology  and  risk assessment.  It  encourages  the
dissemination  and  presentation  of   ideas  focusing  on  environmental
protection and restoration  of damaged ecosystems. The  exchange of ideas
that can  promote advancements in  the field through  research, education
and policy are welcome.

This list is not associated  with any journal, environmental organization
or agency. Promotion of societal  meetings, symposia, workshops and their
deadlines  are  welcome,  as   are  RFPs  and  employment  opportunities.
Corporate promotional materials are strictly forbidden.


To  subscribe to  ECOTOXICOLOGY-L please  send  an email  message to  the
listserver at  LISTSERV at LISTSERV.VT.EDU, and in  the body of  the message
put  the following  statement, replacing  the bracketed  information with
your name (do not include brackets):

               SUBSCRIBE Ecotoxicology-L <your full name>


To post messages to ECOTOXICLOGY-L email  your message to the list at the
following address:

                     ecotoxicology-l at

DO NOT  SEND MAINTENANCE  MESSAGES (subscribe/unsubscibe or  problems) TO
THIS  ADDRESS.  Questions,  comments   and  requests  pertaining  to  the
maintenance of ECOTOXICOLOGY-L should be directed to the list owner at:

                 ECOTOXICOLOGY-L-request at LISTSERV.VT.EDU


Stuart R. Lynde, Department of Biology, 2119 Derring Hall, Virginia Tech,
Blacksburg,  VA   24061  (voice)540-231-9071,   (FAX)540-231-9307,  email
slynde at

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