FW: ICEE'96 Internet Conference

Eng-Leong "Jacky" Foo foo at ias.unu.edu
Fri Sep 6 17:15:14 EST 1996


ICEE'96 Internet Conference (16th Sept to 11 Oct) will extend the 
International Conference on Ecological Engineering (Beijing, 7-11 Oct) 
electronically to Internet participants. About 100 abstracts of papers and 
posters will be available via mailing lists and the web in order to enhance 
discussions with the authors.

The topics covered by the Conference in Beijing include various aspects on 
ecological engineering in integrative farming, agro-industry, rural 
community development, treatment and utilization of wastewater, 
urbanization and industrialization, restoration for degraded ecosystems, 
and methodology.

Details (list of titles of papers, mailing lists to be used and the web 
site) for your participation will be provided via the listserv list:

Please join the list if you wish to receive announcements directly to your  
 e-mailbox or check the web site - 
http://segate.sunet.se/archives/et-atlas.html regularly for announcements 
and instructions.

To join ET-ATLAS, please send an email to LISTSERV at SEGATE.SUNET.SE and 
write the message;
SUB ET-ATLAS yourfirstname yourlastname, organization
e.g. sub et-atlas Mathew Schneider, Kona Mushrooms, Hawaii

ICEE'96 Internet Conference is joinly organized by the Institute of 
Advanced Studies, United Nations University, and the Department of Human 
Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing; in cooperation with the 
Ecotechnology Network, International Ecological Engineering Society and the 
organizers of the International Conference on Ecological Engineering, 

Contact person:
Mr. Eng-Leong "Jacky" Foo
UNU/IAS, Tokyo
foo at ias.unu.edu

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