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Trance Research

                           CALL FOR PAPERS
                          Trance in the Arts

The Trance Institute in conjunction with Trans Media, Inc.  of Ann 
Arbor, Michigan, is sponsoring the publication of a series of 
research papers on trance theory as applied to various fields of 

The first publication in the series will be entitled Trance in the 
Arts, and is scheduled for publication June 1998.

Papers for the first series are due before the end of December, 1997. 
Papers received after that date will be scheduled for a later edition 
to be announced.  All papers in Trance in the Arts will be available 
both in electronic as well as printed formats.

The Electronic edition will preferably be on the web and consist of 
links to author maintained documents whenever possible.

Trance theory proposes to explain a variety of trance states and 
altered states of consciousness through the systematic identification 
of trance generating loops, the description of the resulting 
dissociated trance plane and the identification and measurement of 
the trance force as well as a description of its effects.

Music, theater, dance and the visual arts represent areas of interest 
in which the dissociated trance state can readily be found.  Authors 
of research papers will chose a specific area within their field of 
interest and expertise and apply trance theory in order to identify 
important elements of trance.

For example, the music of the Baka pygmies of southeast Cameroon
is created with a series of repeated rhythms in which there are 
slight but distinct variations.  A research paper would specifically 
describe those repeated rhythms as well as each of the distinct 
variations.  A suggested methodology may be the writing of a computer 
program with appropriate instrumentation to isolate and identify 
these trance generating loops.  In addition the measurement of 
physiological effects as a result of listening to the music would be 

The research papers should present conclusions regarding the 
application and practicality of trance theory and its approach to 
meditative, hypnotic, addictive and centric trances.

Assistance in interpreting and applying trance theory is available by 

An editorial committee for Trance in the Arts is being formed.  
Interested persons should communicate their interest by email.

Completed papers (links) should be sent electronically or via air 
mail to:

Dennis R. Wier, Director
The Trance Institute, Inc.
Sunnehaldenstrasse 7
CH-8311 Bruetten, Switzerland
Tel: 011-41 52 347 10 02 
Fax: 011-41 52 347 10 12 
E-Mail:  drwier at

Trans Media, Inc.
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Ann Arbor MI 48104

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