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             Lyon, France - March 20-21, 1997

Preliminary Program

Under the Auspices of

Folke Sjoqvist, M.D., Editor in Chief,
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Marion J. Ball, Ed.D., Past-President,
International Medical Informatics Association
Michel Dechavanne, Ph.D., President
Université Claude Bernard, Lyon I
Jean-Pierre Gérard, M.D., Dean
Faculté de Médecine Lyon-Sud

Scientific Committee

Jean-Paul Auray, Ph.D., Lyon, F
Jean-Pierre Boissel, M.D., Lyon, F
Christian Collombel, Ph.D., Lyon, F
Jean Freney, Ph.D., Lyon, F
Athanassios Iliadis, Ph.D., Marseille, F
Roger W. Jelliffe, M.D., Los Angeles, USA
Pascal Maire, Pharm.D., Lyon, F
Alain Mallet, Ph.D., Paris, F
France Mentré, M.D., Ph.D., Paris, F
Christian Paultre, Ph.D., Lyon, F
Olivier Petitjean, Bobigny, F
 Alan Schumitzky, Ph.D., Los Angeles, USA
Jean-Louis Steimer, Ph.D., Bâle, CH
Jean-Christophe Thalabard, M.D., Ph.D., Lyon, F
Jean-Maurice Vergnaud, Ph.D., Saint-Etienne, F

 Organizational Committee

Xavier Barbaut, Pharm.D., Beaune, F
Nathalie Bleyzac, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Lyon, F
Valentine Bréant, Pharm.D., Lons-le-Saunier, F
Bruno Charpiat, Pharm.D., Lyon, F
Marie-Aude Confesson, Pharm.D., Macon, F
Christian Cote, Ph.D., Lyon, F
Claudia Hofman, Pharm.D., Heidelberg, D
Alain Laffont, Pharm.D., Lyon, F
Stéphane Lecoq, Pharm.D., Lyon, F
Christine Pivot, Pharm.D., Lyon, F
Pernille Sørensen, Pharm.D., Viborg, DK

Invited speakers

David Bayard, Ph.D., Los Angeles, USA
Michel Bouvier d'Yvoire, M.D., Paris, F
Dominique Breilh, Pharm.D., Bordeaux, F
Claude Carbon, M.D., Paris, F
Henri Drugeon, M.D., Nantes, F
George Drusano, M.D., Baltimore, USA
Michael VanGuilder, Ph.D., Los Angeles, USA
Mark Milman, Ph.D., Los Angeles, USA
Luc Pronzato, Ph.D., Sophia-Antipolis, F
Alan Schumitzky, Los Angeles, USA

Course Coordinators
Pascal Maire, Pharm.D.,
Roger W. Jelliffe, M.D.,

Supported by (Expected to date)
Abbott Laboratories
Assistance Transit Melody
Bristol Laboratories
Hoechst Laboratories
Hospices Civils de Lyon (Hôpital A. Charial)
Janssen Laboratories
La Passerelle (Albert)
Lillly Laboratories
M.S.D. - Chibret Laboratories
Norgan Laboratories
Région Rhône-Alpes
Roche Laboratories
Roussel Laboratories
Sanofi Laboratories
Syva Laboratories
Ville de Lyon


        The objectives of this workshop are to present and discuss the
        state of the art of PK/PD population modelling and adaptive
        control of drug therapy, with a special focus on antimicrobial,
        antiviral, and anticancer agents. It will also present and
        discuss computer implementations and practical clinical
        applications of the concepts.

Events :

        - Invited speakers
        - USC Workshop introducing the new USC*PACK Windows Version 11.0
        - Focus on other software improvements as well
                Call for software presentations
                - Population modelling
                        - Apis II+
                        - NONMEM
                        - NPEM 3
                        - NPML
                        - Popkan
                        - P-Pharm
                - Clinical adaptive control
                        - Apis
                        - MW/Pharm
                        - PKS
                        - Simkin
                        - USC*PACK
        - Poster presentations
        -  All abstracts will be available on the Net on our web page :
        - It is planned to publish relevant papers from the conference
          in a special issue of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.
                - Deadline for poster abstracts :
                        November 30, 1996.

Two A4 pages max- on a flopppy disk, PC or Mac, Word or Wordperfect format.
                - Deadline for poster selection by the Scientific Committee :
                        November 30, 1996.

                - Deadline for invited presentations (full camera-ready text
                  and figures).
                        December 30, 1996.

                - It is planned for the special journal issue to be ready for
                  the workshop, or by the middle of 1997.


Day 1 - Thursday, March 20, 1997

07h30   - Registration

Poster exhibition : Throughout the workshop, with presentation and discussion
of posters during the breaks.

I. Introduction to advanced applied pharmacokinetics

08h15   - Welcome
                - Drs Jelliffe, Maire.

Chairman : Dr Steimer.

08h20   - Concepts used in Clinical Pharmacokinetics : Systems, Models and
                - Dr Maire.

08h40   - Dynamic Models of Drug Behavior and Therapy
                - Dr Jelliffe.

09h00   - Some Problems with Nonlinear Systems
                - Dr Thalabard.

09h30   - Break

II. Controlling the therapy of an individual : adaptive control and PK/PD

        II.1.Controlling the drug concentrations

Chairman : Dr Pronzato.

10h00   - Controlling Concentrations in Compartmental PK Models - A:
                Unimodal Gaussian Approach ("Bayesian Estimators")
                - Dr Jelliffe.

10h30   - Controlling Concentrations in Endocardial Vegetations and Abscesses
                - Drs Barbaut, Maire.

11h00   - Controlling Concentrations in the Lung
                - Drs Breihl, Maire.

11h30   - A Way to Model the Post-Antibiotic Effect
                - Drs Jelliffe, Barbaut.

12h00   - Lunch.

 Chairman : Dr Carbon.

14h00   - Controlling the Concentrations in Compartmental PK Models - B:
                Multiple Model Adaptive Controllers
                - Dr Bayard.

        II.2.Evaluating the drug effect

14h30   - Modelling Organism Growth and Kill - A:
                Bacterial and Viral Growth Curves
                - Dr Drusano.

15h00   - Modelling Organism Growth and Kill - B:
                Killing Curves and the Sigmoïd Emax Model
                - Drs Mentré, Drugeon.

15h30   - Modelling Organism Growth and Kill - C:
                Clinical Applications
                - Drs Jelliffe, Maire

16h00   - Modelling Organism Growth and Kill - D:
                Implications for Optimal Dosing Regimen Design
                Dr Bouvier d'Yvoire.

16h30   - Break

III. Focus on other software recent improvements

        III.1. Adaptive control

Chairman : Dr Maire.

17h00   - Apis

17h15   - MW/Pharm

17h30   - PKS

17h45   - Simkin

18h00   - USC*PACK

        III.2. Population modelling

Chairperson : Dr Mentré.

18h15   - Apis II+

18h30   - NONMEM

18h45   - NPEM 3

19h00   - NPML

19h15   - Popkan

19h30   - P-Pharm

19h45   - Adjournement

20h30   - An Evening Dinner Together
                At Frères Lumière's house and movie museum?

Day 2 - Friday, March 21, 1997

IV. Making Population PK/PD Models

Chairman : Dr Mallet.

08h00   - A Two-Stage NonParametric Approach using Information Index.
                Drs Iliadis, Claret.

08h30   - The NonParametric Approach using the EM Algorithm
                Drs Schumitzky.

09h00   - Making Discrete Maximum Entropy Population Joint Densities
                Dr Milman.

09h30   - Covariate Estimation
                Dr Mallet.

10h 00  - The USC*PACK PC Clinical Programs : An Integrated Link from
Population Modelling to Clinical Care
                Dr Jelliffe.

10h30   - Break.

V. Fundamental Issues in clinical Pharmacokinetics

11h00   - Setting Individual Goals for each Patient
                Dr Jelliffe.

11h15  - Estimation of Creatinine Clearance
                Dr Jelliffe.

11h30  - Determining the Assay Error Pattern
                Dr Jelliffe.

 12h00  - Optimal Sampling Strategies
                Dr Jelliffe.

12h30   - Lunch

VI. Adaptive Control of Antimicrobial Therapy

14h30   - Exploring Covariates for Population Modelling and Adaptive Control
                Dr Lecoq, Laffont.

15h00   - Planning and Implementing the Initial Regimen
           Fitting Models to Patient Data - Using the Feedback
                Dr Bleyzac.

15h30   - Modelling Time - Concentration Dependent Antibiotics
           From Once-Daily to High Peak, Modest Trough Regimens
                Dr Jelliffe.

16h00   - Exploring IntraIndividual Variability during Therapy : A
                Drs Maire, Vincent.

16h15   - Exploring IntraIndividual Variability during Therapy : B
           Initial Conditions and their Use in Therapeutics -
           An Aminoglycoside Patient with Vd Expansion and Collapse
                Dr Jelliffe.

16h45   - Discussion of Selected Poster Presentations
                Drs Iliadis, Jelliffe, Charpiat, Pivot, Barbaut.
                Moderator : Dr Maire.

17h15   - Prediction of Clinical Antibiotic Efficacy - Concluding Remarks
                Drs Maire, Thalabard, Steimer, Mentré, Jelliffe.

17h45   - Adjournement.

Location :

        Résidence Internationale de Lyon - Cercle Villemanzy, Lyon, France.

Registration Fees :

        Commercial Companies, Members
        or affiliated                   :       $ 900           4500 FF
        Hospital, Academic
        by themself                     :       $ 400           2000 FF
        ADCAPT Members          :       $ 200           1000 FF
        Residents, Students             :       $   80            400 FF

        Included : Breaks, Preproceedings.
        Not included : Travel, Hotel expenses, lunches.
        Evening Dinner          :       $  100            500 FF

Registration :

        ADCAPT - Symposium
        c/o Pascal Maire
        Hôpital A. Charial, Hospices Civils de Lyon,
        40, Avenue de la Table de Pierre,
        69340 Francheville, France

        email   : adcapt at
                  jelliffe at

        web     :

        fax     : (33) 72 32 34 38
                  (1) 213 342 1302

        phone   : (33) 72 32 34 87
                  (1) 213 342 1300

        Bank    : Crédit Lyonnais;
                  Agence Guillotière no 1036,
                  15, cours Gambetta,
                  69003 Lyon, France

                phone   : (33) 78 60 52 50

                C no 79 214Y

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