Symposium on Algorithms for Macromolecular Modelling, May 1997

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Fri Sep 20 15:45:36 EST 1996

		Second International Symposium
	    Algorithms for Macromolecular Modelling
	    	  Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin
	    	      May 21 -- 24, 1997

The symposium will bring together scientists from various branches of 
(applied) mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology who have been 
working on molecular dynamics and molecular modelling.  

The emphasis of the symposium is on the numerical and algorithmic
challenges to achieve significant gains in the performance and reliability
of algorithms for the simulations of proteins, nucleic acids and other
polymers. Topics appropriate to the symposium include: advanced time-stepping
in molecular dynamics, electrostatics, quantum-classical dynamics, structure
determination, and free energy and ensemble calculations.

A partial list of speakers includes H.J.C. Berendsen (Groningen), J. Board 
(Duke), B.R. Brooks (NIH), R.B. Gerber (Jerusalem), H. Grubm"uller
(Munich), W.F. van Gunsteren (ETH), J. Hermans (UNC), M. Holst (Caltech),
M. Kuczera (KU), Ch. Lubich (T"ubingen), A. Mark (ETH), M. Parrinello 
(Stuttgart), B. Leimkuhler (UofK), S. Reich (ZIB), T. Schlick (NYU),
K. Schulten (UIUC), Ch. Sch"utte (ZIB), D. Shalloway (Cornell), 
R.D. Skeel (UIUC), J. Straub (Boston), W. Yang (Duke).

The workshop is being organized by B.R. Brooks, W.F. van Gunsteren, J. Hermans,
A. Mark, B. Leimkuhler, and R.D. Skeel with P. Deuflhard and S. Reich as the 
local organizing committee. 

Dealine for registration and submission is Nov. 15, 1996. The number of
participants is restricted to about one hundred.

Please address any further inquiries to

Sebastian Reich
Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin
Heilbronner Str. 10
D-10711 Berlin - Germany


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