Sacch3D: Structural information for yeast proteins

Steve A. Chervitz sac at
Fri Sep 20 15:43:18 EST 1996

Three-dimensional structural information for S. cerevisiae proteins is
now available through the Saccharomyces Genome Database web site at the
following URL:


   1. Search for potential structural information for any protein in 
      the yeast genome using gene name, ORF name, chromosome number, 
      or text search. 
   2. Interactively viewing structures with RasMol or a Java-based
   3. Browse all S. cerevisiae proteins currently in the PDB structure 
   4. Link to structurally oriented databases (NCBI's MMDB, SCOP, 
Structural information is fairly rare: only 12% of the proteins in the
yeast genome show significant sequence similarity to proteins of known
structure.  This number will grow as the structures of new proteins
becomes available and as techniques for detecting structural similarity

Your suggestions and comments are eagerly awaited!

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