ANNOUNCE: NRSub release 9 availability

Guy Perriere perriere at
Sun Sep 29 12:22:47 EST 1996

                     NRSub Release 9 (September 1996)

     The release 9 of NRSub (the Non-Redundant Bacillus subtilis data
     base) is now available through anonymous FTP at:


     The distribution includes: 

      - The  flat  version of NRSub in EMBL format (file NRSub.dat or

      - The NRSub data base under ACNUC for UNIX computers. This part
        includes  the  sources of the query program for line mode use
        (file NRSub.r9.tar.Z).

      - The  binaries  of the Query_win program for browsing the data
        base.  The  architectures  supported  are:  Sun  under  SunOS
        (query_win.SUN.Z)  or  Solaris (query_win.SOL.Z), IBM RS/6000
        (query_win.RS6000.Z),  DEC Alpha (query_win.ALPHA.Z), Silicon
        Graphics (query_win.SGI.Z), HP/UX (query_win.HP.Z).

      - The NRSub data base under ACNUC for Macintosh microcomputers.
        (file  NRSub.r9.sea.hqx).  This  archive includes binaries of
        Query_win for 680x0 and PowerPC Macintoshes.

     It  is  also possible to access NRSub through two World Wide Web
     servers located at:


     NRSub  release 9 contains a total of 214 contigs (59 composite).
     All  these  sequences  are  chromosomal (plasmidic sequences are
     removed)  and  totalize  1,983,150  bp. This represents approxi-
     matively   47%   of  the  entire  Bacillus  subtilis  chromosome
     consisting  of about 4,165 kbp. These sequences contain 1855 CDS
     (913  ORFs),  78  tRNAs  and  31  rRNAs. Also, 534 bibliographic
     references can be accessed.

     If  you  use  NRSub  in  a  published  work,  please  cite  the
     following reference:

     Perriere,  G., Moszer, I., and Gojobori, T. (1996) NRSub: a non-
     redundant  data  base for Bacillus subtilis. Nucleic Acids Res.,
     24, 41-45.

                  Guy Perriere
                  Laboratoire de Biometrie, Genetique et
                  Biologie des Populations, URA CNRS 5558
                  Universite Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
                  43, bd. du 11 Novembre 1918
                  69622 Villeurbanne Cedex

                  Email: perriere at

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