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	*** REEF CHECK 1997 ***


If so, you could take part in Reef Check '97!

Reef Check 1997 is an exciting international event involving collaboration
between recreational divers and marine scientists. 1997 is the
International Year of the Reef (IYOR) and Reef Check is an official IYOR
activity. The major goal of both IYOR and Reef Check is to raise public
awareness about the value of coral reefs around the world and potential
threats to their health.

Reef Check surveys will be made between 14 June and 31 August 1997. They
will involve one-day rapid surveys of as many reef sites as possible
throughout the world using very basic "tried-and-true" techniques such as
counting indicator species, e.g. grouper, sea urchins, measuring coral
cover ratio live/dead etc. The work will be done in one day at each site
by combined teams of recreational divers with a knowledge of marine
biology and at least one professional marine scientist per team who will
be responsible for ensuring the scientific quality of the work.

During the first week of September 1997, we will report on the basic
"health" of a minimum of 100 reef sites from around the world, the first
time such a synoptic view has been available. The goal will be to
disseminate the information gained from this snapshot "Reef Check" by
having a live video satellite link among a number of representative sites
throughout the world. In this way, we hope to focus the attention of the
public, politicians and government leaders on the status of the world's
coral reefs.

Reef Check 1997 is a global volunteer effort by groups of divers led by
experienced marine scientists to carry out targeted, scientifically based,
coral reef surveys. These special surveys will use the most simple
techniques possible to determine whether specific human impacts have
affected coral reefs. The ultimate goal is to generate publicity for coral
reef research and conservation by demonstrating that reefs around the
world, possibly including those believed to be relatively "pristine," have
been affected by human activities.

The Reef Check survey schedule will open the field monitoring operations
on Ocean Day, 14 June 1997, and field work may be carried out up to the
end of August 1997. The planned reporting period will be during the first
week of September 1997. Each Reef Check group will consist of a minimum of
one qualified reef scientist who can recognise the organisms listed in the
protocols, and a group of divers who can be trained to carry out most of
the work (a practical group size would be 4 pairs of divers, however,
larger or smaller groups could be accommodated).

Help is available from the UK coordinator for groups without a reef

UK Coordinator
Alastair Harborne
Coral Cay Conservation
154 Clapham Park Road
London, SW4 7DE, England
e-mail: ccc at
fax: +44-(0)171-498-8447
tel: +44-(0)171-498-6248

Global Coordinator
Gregor Hodgson, PhD
Institute for Environmental Studies, Research Centre
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clearwater Bay, Kowloon, HONG KONG
e-mail: rcgregor at
fax: (852) 2358-1582
tel: (852) 2358-8568

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