"Water: Ecology and Technology" (ECWATECH-98) - International Congress and Expo: Moscow, Russia, May 25-30 1998

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Mon Apr 14 14:42:12 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that according to the Special Decision of the
Government of Russian Federation # 166-r DD 04 February 1997 the Third
International Congress and Technical Exhibition "Water: Ecology and Technology"
(ECWATECH-98) will be held in Moscow on May 25-30, 1998.

"Water: Ecology and Technology" Congress and Exhibition is dedicated to the
problems of water supply, water disposal, water resources, monitoring.
ECWATECH became a traditional  meeting of  water branch professionals -
scientists, managers, producers of equipment and services, representatives of
federal and local authorities. The 1996 Congress was attended by over 1500
specialists from all former USSR states and over 20 foreign countries and
became the main water Forum of Russia and CIS. 180 companies participated in
the Technical Exhibition which was attended by over 8000 visitors.

Though general economical situation is hard, water problems became more
significant for Russia nowadays. There are several programmes being implemented
now that are dedicated to these questions. We would like to mention the World
Bank Environmental Management Project in Russian Federation and its component
"Water Quality and Water Resources Management". Another World Bank long term
programme Water Supply Project for Russia is being prepared now. This programme
will receive 300 - 500 million US Dollar financing. Russian Government has
started two programmes: Quality Water Supply and Greater Volga. The   quality
of water seriously influences the health of the population and thus the problem
is of vital importance for the whole nation; Volga basin covers 33 most
populated of 89 subjects of Russian Federation. There are also several local
projects that are carried out by French,  German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, UK
and US companies within the framework of the credits given by the governments
of these countries. Besides these technical assistance programmes the volume
of joint projects by Russian companies and their foreign partners grows rapidly.

Another feature of today's situation is that significance of water problems is
realised by federal and local authorities. It is absolutely clear today that
solving of these problems needs not only technical organisation and foreign
expert assistance but also solid interior financial sources and developed legal
basis. The Water Code of Russian Federation accepted in 1995 by State Duma for
the first time in Russian state practice regards water as a natural resource
which is to be paid for in amount sufficient for its protection and
reproduction. This approach will be applied at all levels. The administrations
of the biggest Russian cities - Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg, Nizhny Novgorod -
have already accepted municipal programmes according to which by 2002-2003 all
amount of water used by the city will be paid by the users.

These and other questions of transformation of Russian water sector will be
discussed at ECWATECH-98. Another aim of the congress is to re-establish the
links between the specialists of CIS and to create professionals' network
together with foreign participants.

During 4 years of ECWATECH existence the event has attracted attention of
international specialised associations. For the second time ECWATECH will be
held under honourable patronage of International Water Supply Association;
International Ozone Association will hold its regional conference of European-
African group within the framework of 1998 congress; the possibility of
International Association for Water Quality co-sponsorship is discussed now.

Technical exhibition, which is held simultaneously with the congress, gives
the whole event practical character. The Organising Committee does not collect
any reports from the exhibitors, but we know that two exhibitions resulted
into a number of large contracts. The exhibition itself has grown twice in
1996 if compared to 1994.

The Organising Committee is pleased to invite you to participate in
International Congress and Technical Exhibition "Water: Ecology and Technology"
- ECWATECH-98. You are welcome to send us abstracts of your papers - they will
be published and distributed among the participants of the Congress.

Looking forward to our future co-operation,

ECWATECH Organising Committee.




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