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Stazione Zoologica 'Anton Dohrn'
Marine Botany Laboratory

Advanced Phytoplankton Course
Taxonomy and Systematics

10-30 May 1998
Vico Equense (Naples, Italy)

The course will be co-sponsored by the Intergovenmental Oceanographic
Commission (IOC) in the framework of the activities planned for 1998, which
has been declared as "Year of the Ocean" by the United Nations. A
co-sponsorship has also been requested to the European Commission MAST

The course will consist in the training in the identification of marine
planktonic algae, with emphasis on the use of light microscopy and
identification literature. The aim of the course is to increase and update
the expertise of the students in the identification of diatoms,
dinoflagellates, coccolithophorids and other flagellate species. Special
attention will be given to species implicated in the formation of
exceptional or harmful blooms.

The course is meant for participants with a documented experience in the
field of marine phytoplankton taxonomy. 


- Theoretical classrooms on general taxonomic features of marine diatoms,
dinoflagellates (including cysts), coccolithophorids and other flagellates.
- Practical classrooms on the identification, in the light microscope, of
selected species belonging to the different algal groups. Both alive and
fixed material from different geographic areas will be examined. 
- Special  techniques,  such as acid frustule  cleaning  for diatoms,
squashing and theca staining for dinoflagellates, etc.,   
- Scanning  (SEM)  and  Transmission  Electron   Microscope   (TEM)
techniques, with practical sessions devoted to the observation of selected
- Techniques for establishing and maintaining clonal cultures.
- Field cruise with demonstration of sampling techniques.
- Integrative seminars on specific taxonomic issues (nuisance species,
marine cyanobacteria, epiphytic diatoms, etc.).


Director of the Course
Grethe R. Hasle (University of Oslo, Norway)

Marie-Josephe Chretiennot-Dinet (Laboratoire Arago, Banyuls-sur-Mer, France) 
Grethe R. Hasle (University of Oslo, Norway)
Carina B. Lange (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California
Jacob Larsen (IOC Science and Communication Centre on Harmful Algae,
Copenhagen, Denmark )
Marina Montresor (Stazione Zoologica 'A. Dohrn', Naples, Italy)
Karen A. Steidinger (Florida Marine Research Institute, St. Petersburg,
Florida USA)
Jahn Throndsen (University of Oslo, Norway)
Carmelo R. Tomas (Florida Marine Research Institute, St. Petersburg,
Florida USA)
Adriana Zingone (Stazione Zoologica 'A. Dohrn', Naples, Italy)

Patrizia B. Albertano (University Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy)
Lars Edler (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Angelholm,
Lucia Mazzella (Stazione Zoologica 'A. Dohrn', Naples, Italy)
Giuseppe D'Onofrio (Stazione Zoologica 'A. Dohrn', Naples, Italy)


Scientist responsible
Donato Marino (Stazione Zoologica 'A. Dohrn', Naples, Italy)

Organizing Committee
Marina Montresor, Diana Sarno, Adriana Zingone (Stazione Zoologica 'A.
Dohrn', Naples, Italy)

Organizing secretariat
Gioacchino De Vivo (Vico Equense, Naples)

Technical support
Francesco Esposito, Gandi Forlani  (Stazione Zoologica 'A. Dohrn', Naples,
Electron Microscopy Service of the Stazione Zoologica 'A. Dohrn'


The course will be held at the Hotel Villa Aequa, Vico Equense (Naples,
Italy) from 10 to 30 May 1998. SEM and TEM demonstrations will be held in
Naples at Stazione Zoologica. All the classrooms, demonstrations and
seminars will be given in English. The participation to the course for the
whole period (3 weeks) is mandatory.
The course will be limited to 20 students. Applications, preferably sent by
e-mail, must arrive not later than 15 October 1997 and must include the
filled enclosed form together with CV and list of publications. Acceptance
will be notified before 15 December 1997. 

A registration fee of ITL 500,000 (US$ 310) is required, which includes
course tuition and material. Full board for the whole period is ITL
1,700,000-2,500,000 (US$ 1,100-1,600) depending on the accommodation.
Applications have been made to different funding agencies for partial or
total support of organizational expenses and student subsistence costs.
Applicants are kindly invited to enclose motivated requests for funding, if
More detailed and updated information, as well as the application form, may
be found at the internet www address: 
or obtained  on request by D. Marino, Head of the Marine Botany Laboratory,
Stazione Zoologica 'A. Dohrn', Villa Comunale 80121 Naples, Italy (Tel:
+39-81-5833271, Fax: +39-81-7641355, E-mail: phyto98 at 

APPLICATION FORM to be completed and returned, preferably sent by e-mail,
not later than 15 October 1997 to Donato Marino, Marine Botany Laboratory,
Stazione Zoologica 'A. Dohrn', Villa Comunale 80121 Naples, Italy, Tel.:
+39-81-5833271, Fax: +39-81-7641355, E-mail: phyto98 at

1) Name(family)		(first)	(middle)
	Sex:     	Female		Male
Mailing address


2) 	Education (institution, degree, year) 

3) 	Employment (title, employer, type of work, year)
	Present position and duties

4)	Research

Is your main interest in tropical ( ), temperate ( ), polar ( ) plankton?
	What are your current research projects?
5)	Practical experience
	How many years of experience do you have in the identification of microalgae?
Do you have experience in compound light ( ), inverted ( ), fluorescence (
),  transmission electron ( ), scanning electron microscopy ( )?

6)  Languages
	Mother tongue
	English ability: 	Good		Average  	Poor

7)	CV and list of publications (to be given on a separate sheet)

8)	Why are you applying for the course and how will you benefit from it?

9) 	Name and address of two referees familiar with your professional

*)	Some funds may be available to support travel and subsistence costs,
please enclose motivated requests for funding (if required)


Dr. Donato Marino
Head of the Marine Botany Laboratory
Stazione Zoologica 'A.Dohrn'
Villa Comunale 
80121 Naples, Italy

Tel: +39-81-5833271
Fax: +39-81-7641355

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