Workshop: Microscopy/Photomicrography

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Wed Aug 6 12:54:46 EST 1997

				October 1-3, 1997
			American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
				Rockville, Maryland, USA

This three-day course includes basic and advanced principles and
techniques applied to light microscopy. Lecture material is followed by
hands-on lab work at the microscope. We urge our participants to bring
specimens that are of particular interest to you.

Topics will include:

   Koehler Illumination: Lens arrangement, actions of lens systems,
setting up, related optical planes, finite and infinity systems, reflected
and transmission light systems, and aperture functions;

   Application of Scientific Principles: Geometric and wave optic,
interference, coherence, refraction and diffraction, Snell's law, and
Stoke's law;

   Refractive Index: Isotropic and anisotropic substances, Becke line
test, dispersion staining, and contrast methods;

   Fluorescence: Application in biological materials sciences and confocal

   Polarized Light: Generating and interpreting color from colorless
substances and use of the Michel-Levy chart;

   Numerical Aperture: Definition, effect on coherence, objective and
condenser, meaning in resolution formula, and light intensity;

   Interaction of Light: Description of interaction of light with
specimens, relationship to choice of contrast methods;

   Contrast Methods: Fundamentals of contrast methods - bright field,
modified bright field, oblique, darkfield, Rheinberg, phase contrast,
polarized light, modulation contrast and differential interference
contrast (DIC), alignment and adjustments, optical conditions, and image

   Photomicrography: The basic requirements for using black and white
emulsions, color film and contrast methods, determining exposure and
filtration, reciprocity failure,and zonal system;

   Electronic Imaging: Electronic Imaging: Introduction to image
acquisition, and processing and analysis;

   Modulation Transfer Function: Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) for
system evaluation and selecting the correct objective, condenser,
video-camera, TV lines, objective line pairs, and calculations.

Faculty: Dr. Robert Hoffman, Director of Research at Modulation Optics &
Inventor of the Modulation Contrast System; Mr. Dennis O'Leary,
Photomicrographer and President of Micro-Optical Methods.

Limited to 24 participants
FEE: $895.00
2.1 CEUs

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