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Subject: Molecular Biology Workshops

	********-----RECOMBINANT DNA TECHNOLOGY-----********

			December 1-5 1997

	********--------PROTEIN BIOTECHNOLOGY-------********

			December 9-12 1997

Presented by:
Department of Biological & Food Sciences in collaboration with the Centre
for Bioprocessing & Food Technology
Werribee Campus
Victoria University

Each workshop will involve extensive hands-on practical work and lectures
that cover the fundamentals as well as advanced aspects of analysis of
proteins and nucleic acids.

Topics covered in the Recombinant DNA Technology Workshop will include:
	* Polymerase Chain Reaction
	* Restriction enzyme digestion
	* Agarose gel electrophoresis
	* Recovery of DNA from agarose gels
	* Isolation of plasmids
	* Preparation of plasmids for cloning
	* Cloning of inserts into plasmids
	* Library screening for isolation of clones
	* Preparation of radioactive probes
	* Design and use of oligonucleotide probes
	* Southern blotting and hybridization
	* DNA sequencing using the dideoxy method

Topics covered in the Protein Biochemistry Workshop will include:
	* SDS gel electrophoresis
	* Isoelectric focusing in ultra-thin gels
	* Silver staining of protein gels
	* Western blotting and immunodetection
	* Autoradiography and fluorography
	* 2-D gel electrophoresis
	* Dot-blot
	* Protein purification methods

The workshops are suitable for research workers, lecturers in tertiary
education, research students and administrative, technical and sales staff
in the areas of medical, food, environmental, biological, agricultural,
pharmaceutical and biotechnological sciences.

Limited to 24 participants per workshop
Fees: $1000 for Recombinant DNA Technology Workshop
      $900 for Protein Biotechnology Workshop
      $1600 for both workshops
      $600 per workshop for postdoctoral fellows and students

For further details please direct enquiries to:
		Paul Chambers
		Ph: (+613) 9216 8124 	
		Email: Paulchambers at

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