OWL 29.4

A.Bleasby A.J.Bleasby at dl.ac.uk
Mon Aug 18 20:16:35 EST 1997

The above version of the OWL database is now available from the usual
    ftp.seqnet.dl.ac.uk  pub/database/owl
    ncbi.nlm.nih.gov     repository/OWL

Choose the appropriate site for you. However, please note that if you use
the DELPHOS software (available within the src subdirectory) you will
have to recompile the owlpdx program supplied in a new owlindex.tar.Z

Alan Bleasby
Daresbury Laboratory

SEQNET is the UK national EMBnet node

    Derived from:-

        SWISS-PROT:  Bairoch.A & Boeckman, B (1991)
                     The SWISS-PROT protein sequence databank
                     Nucleic Acids Res., 19, Suppl., 2247-2249
NBRF PIR1,PIR2,PIR3: George,D.G, Barker,W.C & Hunt,L.T. (1986)
                     The protein identification resource (PIR)
                     Nucleic Acids Research., 14, 11-15
        GENBANK:     Benson.D, Lipman, D.J., & Ostell.J (1993)
                     Nucleic Acids Research., 21(13), 2963-5
        NRL_3D:      Namboodiri. K, Pattabiraman,N., Lowrey,A., Gaber,B.,
                     George,D.G. & Barker,W.C. (1989)
                     NRL_3D A sequence structure database PIR Newsletter., 8,5
        Statistics for the incorporated sequences of source databases are:

                 		     Entries    Residues
        SWISSPROT Rel 34              59017     21208955
        NBRF Rel 53(PIR 1)            312       166821
        NBRF Rel 53(PIR 2)            36916     10880761
        NBRF Rel 53(PIR 3)            2002      458833
        NBRF Rel 53(PIR 4)            155       27467
        GenBank Rel 101.0             99031     29996731
        NRL_3D Rel 21.0               1039      195690

    NRL_3D Contains entries for which an X-Ray crystal structure exists
    in Brookhaven. The codes for these entries start with NRL_ followed by
    the Brookhaven database code. Only the sequences from NRL_3D that 
    DO NOT occur in other sequence databases are included.

                             VERSION 29.4
                Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
                           The University of Leeds
                                LS2 9JT

                              198,742 ENTRIES
                           62.935,258 RESIDUES
     CREATION DATE: 14th August 1997
     CREATED  BY:  A.J. Bleasby & D. Akrigg

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