NIDDM Genetic Database Available

Jeanne Beck jbeck at UMDNJ.EDU
Thu Aug 28 17:00:14 EST 1997

NIDDM Genetic Database Available

DNA samples and phenotypic data are available to all interested 
researchers from phase I of the American Diabetes Association's GENNID 
study (Genetics of NIDDM).  GENNID has collected detailed family 
histories and a broad array of data on 170 pedigrees, all of which 
contain at least one affected sib pair, with a total of 650 affected 
individuals and approximately 1,200 total subjects.  Included are 
approximately 65 Caucasian, 60 Hispanic, 25 African-American, and 20 
Japanese-American pedigrees.

Phenotypic data are available for all pedigree members.  The data set 
includes multiple metabolic factors, including carbohydrate metabolism, 
lipid metabolism, and body size measures, as well as lifestyle variable 
obtained by questionnaire, e.g., employment, diet, exercise.  DNA is 
available for all sib pairs and for all parents where available.

To receive a more detailed description of the project, an application 
form, and pricing information, please contact:
	American Diabetes Association
	GENNID Research Database
	1660 Duke Street
	Alexandria, VA 22314
	Telephone:	703-299-2071
	Fax:		703-683-1839
	e-mail:	mpetersen at
Jeanne C. Beck                                      Internet: jbeck at
Coriell Cell Repositories                              Voice: 609-757-4847
Coriell Institute for Medical Research                   Fax: 609-757-9737

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