Second International Conference on Transgenic Animals

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Thu Dec 11 19:48:25 EST 1997

Second International Conference on Transgenic Animals
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committees of the Second 
International Conference on Transgenic Animals, it is our pleasure to
invite you to attend the Second International Conference on Transgenic 
Animals (2nd ICTA) in Beijing on Oct. 26-29, 1998. 

Transgenic animals play vital roles in diversified fields within the
life sciences. Today, we are experiencing an era of rapid development
in transgenic animal research worldwide. This conference will cover a
wide range of topics including the following sessions:
 1) Transgenic Bioreactors;
 2) Transgenic Models;
 3) Alternative Transgenic Models;
 4) Transgenic Transplantation Models;
 5) Transgenic Safety;
 6) Transgenic Techniques;
 7) Transgenic Bioinformatics.
The conference will provide a good opportunity for participants to meet
colleagues from different areas in the world, exchange ideas, strengthen
academic links and form friendships that transcend the boundaries of 
nationalities, race, religion and politics.

In addition, the International Society for Transgenic Research (ISTR)
will be 
formally established during the meeting. The mission of the Society will
be to 
establish a community of researchers to foster and disseminate knowledge 
pertaining to the genetic engineering of animals and animal modeling.
principal goals of the Society will be to further both basic and applied 
research endeavors, and to promote the interactive exchange of
information and 
ideas in the field. The goals set forth shall be achieved and
through scientific meetings, interactive exchanges, and the publication
scholarly work.

If you will be able to attend our conference, please contact the 
Secretariat with your completed registration form as soon as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you in Beijing for an exciting scientific
cultural experience in October, 1998. 

Cordially yours,

Chairs of Scientific Committee:
Dr. Carl A. Pinkert (The University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Prof. Yong-Fu Chen (China Agricultural University)
Chair of the Organising Committee:
Mr. Bi-Rong Li (BILONG Transgenics)

        2nd International Conference on Transgenic Animals
               ----Transgenic Research and Applications  
                October 26-29, 1998, Beijing
Scientific Sessions (with confirmed session chairs): 
 1) Transgenic Bioreactors (Chairman: Yong-Fu Chen); 
 2) Transgenic Models (Chairman: Ken-ichi Yamamura);
 3) Alternative Transgenic Models (Chairman: Carl A. Pinkert);
 4) Transgenic Transplantation Models (Chairman: Fritz H. Bach);
 5) Transgenic Safety (Chairman: Roy Forster);
 6) Transgenic Techniques (Chairman: De-Pei Liu);
 7) Transgenic Bioinformatics (Chairman: Anna Anagnostopoulos).
Scientific Committee: 
 Dr. Carl A. Pinkert (Chairman, USA)
 Prof. Yong-Fu Chen (Chairman, China)
 Dr. Ming-Tao Zeng (USA)
 Dr. Zhi-Yong Yang (Australia)
 Dr. Dr. Joerg Poetzsch (Germany)
 Dr. Mauro C. Dal Canto (USA)
 Dr. G. Bernardi (France)
 Dr. Afrozul Haq (Saudi Arab)
 Prof. Ken-ichi Yamamura (Japan)
 Prof. Fritz H. Bach (USA)
 Prof. Roy Foster (France)
 Prof. De-Pei Liu (China)
 Dr. Jian Li (China)
 Dr. Chiharu Tohyama (Japan)
 Dr. Luiz Reis (Brazil)
 Prof. Moshe Shani (Israel)
 Dr. Jerry Yang (USA)
 Dr. Qing-Rong Liu (USA)
 Dr. Yi-Ping Li (China)
 Dr. Thomas Walther (Germany)
(to be continued)
Organizing Committee: 
 Mr. Bi-Rong Li (Chairman)
 Dr. De-Pei Liu (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences)
 Mr. Zhong-Lian Zhang (CICCST)
 Mr. Gui-Lin Wu (Conda Dacon Group)
 Dr. Shi-You Ding (Tel Aviv University)
 Mr. Wang-Mao (Bill) Ge (The Ohio State University)
 Mr. Jian Zhu (Shanghai, China)  
 Mr. Shu Zhang (Sichuan, China)
 Dr. Jin-Kun Chen (USA) 

 Dr. Jing-Yuan Yu (Secretary-general, BILONG Transgenics)
 Ms. Xiao-Mei Yu (BILONG Transgenics)
 Mr. Zhen-Ming Cao (Shanghai, China)
 Mr. Ling-Chao Xia (Beijing, China)
 BILONG Institute for Transgenic Animals in Beijing (BITAB)
 China International Conference Center for Sciences and Technology

 Beijing Conda Dacon Science & Technology Group 

For information regarding the scientific program, abstracts, etc.,

BILONG Transgenics----A Creative Group for Transgenics
 No. 42, Furongli, Haidian District, Beijing 100080, China
 Tel: 86-10-6256-8687, 86-10-6257-9370
      86-10-6257-3398, 86-139-136-9818
 Tel/Fax: 86-10-6253-2114
 Email: bilong at
        libr at

For information regarding registration, hotel reservations, tours, visa
applications, cancellations and payment, please contact:

 Mr. Zhang Zhong-Lian
 CICCST/2nd ICTA, No.86, Xue Yuan Nan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 
100081, China
 Tel: 86-10-6217-4948
 Fax: 86-10-6218-0142
 Email: cicast at, or Ljie at

Email: apo at

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