Update to human repeat reference collection on CENSOR

Paul Klonowski klonowsk at charon.lpi.org
Sun Feb 9 16:43:23 EST 1997

|  **** NEW! **** NEW! **** NEW! **** NEW! **** NEW! **** NEW! ****  |
|  We are pleased to announce an update to our e-mail server.        |
|  The Human Reference Collection has been updated to the newest     |
|  (pre-release) version of the REPBASE collection (version 6.0).    |
|  The full version will be available on the NCBI server sometime    |
|  in March.                                                         |
|  We welcome any comments, questions, and suggestions:              |
|                  e-mail: klonowsk at charon.lpi.org                   |
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The CENSOR e-mail server allows users to send in query sequences
and have them aligned against a reference collection of human or
rodent repeats (Jurka, et al., 1992; Jurka, 1995b).  The homologous
portions are then "censored".  Censoring means replacing the aligned
portions with x's in the query sequences.  The server automatically
classifies all known repeats and adds the classification to the
report.  To access this service, e-mail your sequence(s) to the
following address:
     censor at charon.lpi.org
or through the WWW:

The server currently accepts and censors human and rodent sequences.
To choose which reference collection your sequence should be run 
against, include the keyword "HUM" for the human collection or "ROD"
for rodent (without quotes) as the first line of your e-mail message.
The sequence description should follow.  For backward compatibility,
if no keyword is given, the human collection is the used by default.

|  For instructions on using the CENSOR e-mail server put the word   |
|  HELP on a single line in the body of the mail message and send    |
|  the message to the CENSOR e-mail server address:                  |
|                       censor at charon.lpi.org                        |

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