Electrophoresis '97

Pete Lemkin lemkin at ncifcrf.gov
Thu Feb 20 02:11:32 EST 1997


The next meeting of the Electrophoresis Society, in combination with
the International Congress of Electrophoresis Societies, will be held
Mar.  24-27, 1997, in Seattle, WA, U.S.A.  Pre-Congress workshops will
be held on Sunday, Mar. 23.

This is going to be an exciting meeting because it features leading
scientists from many disciplines presenting their latest work.  There
will be a strong emphasis on active discussions and audience
participation at both the oral and poster sessions.  Prizes will be
awarded for the students presenting the best talks and posters.  On
the theory that turn-about is fair play, students will decide which of
the more senior scientists made the best presentation each day.
Social events will extend beyond the meeting, with contacts for local
businesses, breweries, wineries and Seattle area tours provided to
Representatives from 14 different countries will present their
research in Seattle; 52 poster exhibits and more than 36 talks are
currently scheduled.  Plenary speakers include Lee Hood (molecular
biotechnology) and Lee Hartwell (yeast genetics and cancer).  Sessions
with many of the "field leaders" will be held on protein
identification, 2D gel technologies, electrophoretic impacts in the
clinical world, analysis of post-translational modifications,
capillary electrophoresis, molecular evolution and genetics, and the
mechanism of DNA electrophoresis.  Other sessions will cover the
latest developments in the electrophoresis of cells and particles,
preparative separations, surface chemistry, small-scale
electrophoresis, and DNA-protein mobility shift assays.

In addition to the talks and posters, several workshops will be held
on Sunday, March 23.  These are free to registrants, but sign up early
since there is a space limit.  Angelika Gorg and her coworkers will
conduct a one-day, hands-on 2-D workshop for the first 20 persons who
sign up.  John Yates will lead a workshop on mass spectrometry data
analysis and Ron Appel will lead a workshop on using the internet for
protein molecular biology on the same day.  Scanalytics will present
the capabilities of their software for analysis of forensics, RFLP and
2D data on the evening of Wednesday 26th, followed by a hospitality

Students are particularly encouraged to attend the conference.  The
student registration fee is low and additional financial aid is
available for students willing to serve as audiovisual aides.
Participating students will also be invited to introduce the plenary
speakers and discussion leaders.

Further information and registration forms for the Seattle meeting may
be obtained from our President, Nancy Stellwagen (telephone:
319-335-7896; FAX: 319-335-9570; e-mail: stellwag at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu)
or Meeting Coordinator, Challis Breithaupt (telephone: 800-627-0629;
FAX: 913-843-1274; e-mail: cbreit at allenpress.com).  The preliminary
program is posted on our web site:


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