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SUBPART: SERVICES CLASSCOD: A--Research and Development OFFADD: Director,
USAMRAA, 820 Chandler St, Fort Detrick, MD 21702-5014 SUBJECT: 

DISEASES) SOL CBD970-0000-0008 POC Craig D. Lebo 301-619-2036 (Site Code

DESC: Bone Health & Military Medical Readiness (Osteoporosis and Related
Bone Diseases) - The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command is
soliciting research proposals for studies of bone physiology in
populations of military age. This effort is coordinated with research
programs of the individual organizations of the National Coalition for
Osteoporosis and Related Bones Diseases, and the National Institutes of
Health, including the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal
and Skin Diseases (NIAMS). 

The goal of this program is to advance understanding of methods to improve
bone health of young men and women, enhancing military readiness by
reducing the incidence of fracture during physically intensive training
and reducing the incidence of osteoporosis later in life. Research
insights into fundamental mechanisms of bone biology and pathogenesis of
bone diseases (such as osteoporosis, Paget's disease of bone, and
osteogenesis imperfecta) contribute to these goals. We solicit proposals
on a broad range of basic science and clinical issues related to
biomechanical stress on the skeleton, including but not limited to these
areas of interest: 

(1) interrelationship of biomechanical forces and bone cell biology, 

(2) influence of physical factors on bone matrix synthesis in young adults
and genetic markers of synthesis applicable to normal and pathological
conditions of bone, 

(3) interacting effects of physical training with diet and other health
habits on peak bone mass development, 

(4) longitudinal studies of bone physiology and bone remodeling in
physically active populations, including influences of specific types of
intense physical training, 

(5) physical and genetic mediators of stress fracture risk, and 

(6) stress fracture prevention strategies including pharmacological and
hormonal interventions to augment bone mass and limit bone loss.  

Proposals will be selected for funding on the basis of high quality
science. Potential application to military populations will be considered
in this award. Projects are typically 2-4 years in duration and must be
completed by 30 September 2003. Approximately $9.5M is available for the
lifespan of these projects. Full proposals must be submitted according to
general instructions contained in the Broad Agency Announcement 95-1
(available on the internet at http://www-usamraa.army.mil). 

Letters of intent containing a proposed title, brief description of
project scope (<150 words), and investigator and institution
identification, are due by 3 September 1997. 

Full proposals are due by 4:00 pm EST, 1 October 1997. Investigators will
be notified about funding recommendations by February 1998. For further
information, please write to: USAMRMC (MCMR-PLC), Army Operational
Medicine Research Program, Fort Detrick, MD 21702-5012, FAX (301)
619-2416. Send letters of intent and 20 copies of full proposals only to:
Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, ATTN: MCMR-AAA
(Bone Health), 820 Chandler Street, Fort Detrick, MD 21702-5014. 
EMAILADD: craig_lebo at ftdetrck-ccmail.army.mil CITE: (W-183 SN091400)

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