PEDANT: Automatic Genome Analysis

Dmitrij Frishman frishman at
Mon Jun 2 11:07:36 EST 1997

Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to announce the availability of a new WWW
server devoted to computational analysis of complete genomes.


PEDANT: Protein Extraction, Description, and ANalysis Tool


- Seven complete and two partial genomic sequences analyzed so far:

  Synechocystis sp.
  B.subtilis (fragment)
  S.solfataricus (fragment)

- Exhaustive functional and structural classification of
  the predicted open reading frames from fully sequenced
  genomes using a combination of sequence comparison and
  prediction techniques

- Functional assignment of ORFs on the basis of  FASTA2
  similarity searches supplemented by detection of PROSITE
  patterns and motifs and comparisons with conserved sequence 

- Automatic attribution of sequences with significantly related
  PIR entries to one of the PIR super-families

- Functional classification of gene products through similarity
  searches against several curated master gene sets from 
  bacteria and yeast with manually assigned functional classes

- Extraction of available 3D information through Smith-Waterman
  similarity comparisons of every sequence with the STRIDE 
  database of secondary structure assignments

- Secondary structure and transmembrane region predictions

- Detection of low-complexity and coiled coil regions


Dmitrij Frishman and Hans-Werner Mewes
Munich Information Centre for Protein sequences
Max-Planck-Institut f. Biochemie/GSF

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