NOTICE: Conservation Ecology (vol. 1, iss. 1) Now Ready For Viewing

Darryl Staflund dstaflun at
Wed Jun 18 15:24:10 EST 1997

Conservation Ecology: First issue and call for papers

Conservation Ecology, a publication of the Ecological Society of
America, will publish its first issue on June 15, 1997.  Conservation
Ecology is an electronic, peer-reviewed, scientific journal.  There is
no charge for subscription.  The journal will cover a range of topics
including the ecological bases for: i) the conservation of ecosystems,
landscapes, species, populations and genetic diversity, ii) the
restoration of ecosystems and habitats, and iii) the management of
resources.  In addition to insightful papers by such authors as Simon
Levin, Steven Carpenter, Don Ludwig, and Carl Folke, the inaugural
issue will include a thought-provoking series on the subject of
science, policy, and advocacy.

Conservation Ecology seeks to tighten the link between research and
policy development.  To that end, we are dedicated to rapid
publication of research results in the widely accessible medium of the
Internet.  The journal solicits comments on published articles and
will link those accepted directly to the article in question.  We will
also conduct on-line public forums, or conferences, on key topics.

Manuscripts will be accepted for consideration by Conservation Ecology
as of June 15, 1997.  For more information regarding subscriptions and
article submissions visit the Conservation Ecology website at:


Darryl A. J. Staflund
Conservation Ecology
Biology Department
Carleton University


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