FINAL CALL FOR TARGETS: have you a protein to predict?

Tim Hubbard th at
Fri Jun 20 12:26:03 EST 1997

Final call for prediction targets

** NOTE **
No targets received after 30th June 1997 will be considered for
during this course.

        The previous mail to this list announced the FEBS advanced
frontiers of protein structure prediction 1997.

        The aim of the workshop is to predict as much as possible about
the structure of a number of proteins of biological interest, taking
advantage of the most recent methodologies for fold recognition and ab
initio prediction.

        If you are interested in a structure prediction being made on a
protein for which there is no sign of an experimental structure and does
not appear to be homologous to any known structure, please consider
submitting it as a target for this course.

For further information and on-line target submission forms see:

For the automatic analysis carried out on the 113 targets received for
1995 course and the predictions made for 17 of them see:

Tim Hubbard, (Sanger Centre)
Anna Tramontano, (IRBM)

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