FINAL CALL FOR APPLICANTS: FEBS advanced course: frontiers of protein

Tim Hubbard th at
Fri Jun 20 12:25:38 EST 1997

Final call for applications

** NOTE **
No applications received after 30th June 1997 will be considered.

FEBS advanced course: frontiers of protein structure prediction 1997

        The course, which is being run for the second time (see, is directed at young
with some experience and a strong interest in protein structure and
structure prediction who wish to learn about the latest developments in

        The aim of the workshop is to predict as much as possible about
the structure of a number of proteins of biological interest, taking
advantage of the most recent methodologies for fold recognition and ab
initio prediction.

        The participants will be divided into working groups assisted by
an instructor. Each group will be equipped with state of the art
software and hardware (kindly provided by Silicon Graphics) and assigned
the sequences of proteins whose structure has to be predicted.

        The predictions will be made public as a technical document and
also available via World Wide Web. Suggestions for target proteins can
also be submitted by non-participants via WWW (see accompanying email)

Tim Hubbard (Sanger Centre), Anna Tramontano (IRBM)

G. Barton (Oxford), T. Hubbard (Cambridge), D. Jones (London),
M. Sippl (Salzburg), A. Valencia (Madrid), B. Rost (Heidelberg).

A. Lesk (Cambridge), J. Moult (Rockville), A. Murzin (Cambridge)

Dates:                       7-20 October 1997
Deadline for applications:   30th June 1997.
Registration fee             1200 DM (includes accomodation and meals)
Location:                    IRBM (Istituto di Ricerche di Biologia
                             Pomezia, Rome, Italy

Further information and on-line application forms:

        Prof. Anna Tramontano
        IRBM, Via Pontina Km 30.600
        I-00040 Pomezia (Rome)
        Tel: +39 6 91093207
        Fax: +39 6 91093654
        email: tramontano at

Tim Hubbard, Anna Tramontano

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