Course Announcement: Transient Expression in Plant Protoplasts

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Thu Jun 26 11:24:42 EST 1997

The Plant Protein Club exists to promote interaction between industry and 
academia on research into plant proteins with a particular emphasis on 
structural studies. We are running a series of short courses on 
techniques used in plant protein research. The first of these is 

Transient Expression in Plant Protoplasts: A Rapid Screening Method for 
Testing Activity and Processing of Recombinant Proteins in Plants

The University of York
29 September - 3 October 1997

Transient expression of plasmid-borne genes in plant protoplasts is a 
powerful technique to study gene expression on all levels. The activity, 
processing and targetting of a recombinant protein can be determined 
within days using this technique rather than the months required for 
regeneration of transgenic plants. Transient expression can be used to 
study regulatory domains of promoter regions, transcript maturation, mRNA 
stability, translation initiation, protein stability, protein activity, 
protein transport, poast-translational modification, folding and 
oligomerization. Plant protoplasts can be prepared from a vast array of 
tissues and plasmid-borne constructs introduced by exposure to transient 
electric fields, bombardemnet or membrane destabilising agents. Gene 
products may be detected withiin hours and up to days after transfection.

The primary aim of this course is to introduce scientists from academia 
and industry to this technique and its various applications with 
particular emphasis on analysis of glycosylation and activity of the gene 
product. Participants are encouraged to bring their own plasmids to test 
during the course provided that they bring the necessary reagents for 
downstream analysis. The course also aims at assisting those who are 
already using the technique to optimise the method, trouble shoot and 
identify tricks and traps as well as use it for answering specialised 
biological questions.

Course tutors: Dr Jurgen Denecke and Dr David Ashford

Course fee: #250 Academic, #550 Industrial, including tuition, course 
handbook and accommodation. Fee reductions are available for PPC members. 
Bursaries are available; to apply send a CV and supporting letter.

More information is available from the Plant Protein Club, PO Box 373, 
University of York, York YO1 5YW, Email: ppc at

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