Electronic Conference: Computers in University Biology Education

Paul Gould P.W.Gould at liv.ac.uk
Mon Oct 6 16:58:07 EST 1997


The 3rd annual virtual Computers in University Biology Education 97 
conference is now LIVE ! The conference is running for two weeks 
until the 19th of October and is a unique opportunity for biology 
teachers from around the globe to meet and discuss their teaching 
without leaving their desks.

The programme includes papers and posters from academics in the UK, 
USA and Australia on generic and subject-specific topics. 
Contributions are in the following areas;

Teaching methods, 
Teaching Quality Assessment
Software and Resources

Molecular Biology,
Environmental Science.

Other features:
* Any Questions/Any Answers ?
This is were you can ask people for help with specific problems 
whether they be software or teaching related.  

* Top Tips
This is where you can tell people about recent successes with your 

* Synchronous Discussion:
There will be a synchronous discussion on BioMOO to round off the 
conference titled:

*Online Interactive Teaching: OK my lecture notes are on the Web, 
what do I do next ?*

This discussion will take place on Friday 17th October 1997, at 1300 
to 1700 British Summer Time.

Registration is FREE. The papers are available on the Web at:


A Web conference has been set up to discuss these papers on WebBoard. 
Instructions are available at the Virtual CUBE Web site.

See you there !

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