Advanced rDNA Workshop

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Tue Oct 7 23:00:17 EST 1997

				November 10-14, 1997
		American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), Rockville, MD

This five-day laboratory-intensive course will provide intermediate and
advanced instruction in cDNA cloning, detection, sequencing, and
manipulation. Hands-on laboratory experience will be supplemented with
lectures and discussions. Participants should be familiar with the
techniques and concepts presented in the ATCC Recombinant DNA: Techniques
and Applications workshop, such as molecular cloning, enzymes, vectors, E.
coli host genotypes library construction, nucleic acid sequencing,
restriction mapping, probes and PCR, and synthesis and cloning of cDNA.

Laboratory sessions will be structured around three concurrent
experimental sequences performed by each participant with guidance of
experienced laboratory instructors(student/instructor ratio approximately

      Experiment 1. Construction and screening of cDNA library: isolation
and characterization of RNA from human cultured cells, Northern blot
analysis, cDNA synthesis, cloning into a bacteriophage lambda vector,
preparation of non-radioactively labeled probe, screening of the library
by hybridization.

      Experiment 2. Cloning of 5' ends of mRNA: RNA isolation, RT-PCR,
RACE PCR, cloning of the PCR products, transformation, characterization of
transformants by cycle DNA sequencing.

      Experiment 3. Transfection of mammalian cells and expression of
recombinant proteins: methods of transfection, detection of transfectants,
monitoring expression by RT-PCR or immunological methods.

Lecture and discussion topics will include cDNA library construction and
screening,selection of hosts and vectors, mammalian expression systems,
sequencing and sequence analyses, determining gene function,
identification of resource materials and selecting protocols.

Limited to 24 participants
FEE: $1,395.00
3.5 CEUs 

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