Sequence Tag Alignment and Consensus Knowledgebase 1.0

Win Hide winhide at
Thu Oct 9 14:29:42 EST 1997

The South African National Bioinformatics Institute announces the
availability of Sequence Tag Alignment Consensus Knowledgebase Release

The release contains processed EST  sequences obtained from recent TIGR
submissions to Genbank (this release includes the withdrawn sequences)
and dbEST distributed by NCBI. The sequences have been organised into
tissues and clustered using an algorithm specifically designed for EST
clustering and have been aligned to generate error compensated consensi.
The coverage of the consensi is designed to be as comprehensive a
representation of each available gene as possible. Alignments are also

Although the full dataset can be requested, a sample EYE dataset, which
is one of 17 available from SANBI , can be downloaded from:

and the entire collection can be searched at:

For further information

Robert Miller, John Burke, Alan Christoffels and Win Hide

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