Extremely IMPORTANT! - 1997 Readership Survey -- 3nd notice

BIOSCI/bionet Readership Survey survey at net.bio.net
Mon Oct 20 13:01:56 EST 1997


This message is part of the 1997 BIONEWS/bionet.announce readership
survey.  It consists of only four very brief multiple choice
questions.  Answers need to be returned by e-mail using the precise
format for responses specified below.

We need these results to help us get financial support for the
BIOSCI/bionet project, so we would **greatly** appreciate your time in
responding carefully and accurately if you have not done so to date.

If you have already replied to the 1997 BIONEWS/bionet.announce
survey, please do not respond again.  Duplicate responses will be
filtered out but this creates extra work for us.

Although you may use your "reply" command to reply to this message,


in your reply.

If your e-mail reply automatically includes this text, please begin a
new blank message to the Internet address

survey at net.bio.net

Due to the size of the BIOSCI/bionet community it is essential that
you follow the directions below carefully so that we can tabulate the
results efficiently.  Thanks in advance!

Anyone who reads this message is requested to respond *regardless* of
their location or job affiliation.  Only individual responses will be
counted, i.e. one e-mail/one person.  Other readers at your site
should also respond individually from their account or else they will
not be counted, i.e., you can not send in a vote for them.  Duplicate
votes will be eliminated.  We will be reposting this message weekly
and collecting responses up through the end of October.  Thanks again
for your participation!

------------------------------- SURVEY -------------------------------

Four questions follow.  We recommend that you write down your response
on paper first as you browse through the instructions below before
attempting to compose an electronic reply.  This will help ensure that
all instructions are followed carefully.  Your e-mail response should
contain only four lines formatted as detailed below.

Do you participate in BIOSCI/bionet *PRIMARILY* via USENET News
(including a News reader within a Web browser), E-Mail, or via the
BIOSCI/bionet Web archive at http://www.bio.net/?

Please include as the *first* line in your e-mail reply


where you substitute X with

     N   if you primarily use a USENET Newsreader (standalone
         newsreader software or a newsreader within a Web browser such
         as Netscape News)

     E   if you primarily use E-Mail

     W   if you primarily use the BIOSCI/bionet Web archive at

Please be sure that the N, E, or W is uppercase and that your response
begins in the left hand column of your message (no initial >'s, etc.,
please).  Please make sure that you include the : after the question
number in this and the other three answers.  Please do NOT insert a
space between the : and the response code.

How frequently do you use the BIOSCI/bionet Web site at
http://www.bio.net/ ?

(1) usually most working days, (2) typically at least once a week, (3)
typically at least once a month, (4) rarely, but I have been there,
(5) never at all.

The *second* line in your e-mail message to survey at net.bio.net should
be formatted as follows:


where you substitute X with the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 as selected
in question 2 above.

How useful is BIOSCI/bionet to your work?

The *third* line in your e-mail message to survey at net.bio.net should
be formatted as follows:


where you substitute X with

     V   (an upper case "vee" for "very") if you find BIOSCI/bionet
         "Very useful"

     M   if you find BIOSCI/bionet "Moderately useful"

     D   if BIOSCI/bionet is just a "Diversion" to kill time

In what country are you located? 

Please find your two letter ISO country code from the list below and
include as the fourth and final line of your e-mail reply:


where you will replace XX by your own country code from the list below
using uppercase letters.  *** U.K. READERS *** - please note that the
ISO code for the United Kingdom is "GB" and not "UK."  Please do not
insert a space anywhere in this line.  It should consist only of the
five consecutive characters as indicated above in upper case and
starting with Q4: in the left hand column.

That's all that should be in your reply to survey at net.bio.net, just
four lines each beginning with Q1:, Q2:, Q3: or Q4: followed without
any intervening spaces by the appropriate response code!  Thanks for
your support of BIOSCI/bionet!

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